Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brisbane - day 05

Vlog today

I don't have school today..
So as usual I woke up at the sight of the sun, 6am.
Took a smoke, made a vlog and went to Coles
Here's what I bought:

Gloria Jeans coffee AUD 4

Coles Sausages 8pc AUD 3.30

Coles 2litre Orange/Mango AUD 1.69

Breakfast cost breakdown
3.30 / 4 = 0.82
1.69 / 7 = 0.24
Breakfast per day = AUD 1.06

Pretty awesome, yes?

This is where I live now..
Not sure for how long
But a pretty awesome place

Went to view the house next door
which was supposedly where I wanted to rent
But I guess luck was not on my side,
there were 3 applicants for 1 single room
And one of them, the American seems to have the highest chance
So I was quite down and slept till 6pm.

Was hungry, so went to Coles to see
what a lazy man can buy for dinner..

Hur hur.. Sea Shantys
I remember we used to tease Krishan a lot
about Shanty being Krishan's mother's name
It was just random events
from the good ol' TAS days..

We pretty much have the same Maggie Noodles here
So I decided to buy one and try

Oh yes.. remember these?
That we ate yesterday.. they were 99cts
The actual price is AUD 3.30

What I bought today:
1. Maggie Noddles (5pk) Chicken - AUD 4.52
2. Coles Milk Coffee Biscuits - AUD 1.09

So I just dumped everything into the bowl
and sent it to the microwave..
With some carrots stolen from Jiajin
and 2 sausage from my breakfast kit
It wasn't too bad... I guess..

My first gArena DotA game
Players here are damn lousy
but hey, I'm lousier!


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