Monday, February 22, 2010

Brisbane - day 04

Today's Vlog

I'm gonna teach you
how to make your own food while overseas
First you camp in the supermarket to wait for it to close
to catch the clearance offer
Today we have some 99cts for 6 massive beef beef patties

Put them on a nice plater
Have something that can hold some liquid/fluid
cos upon cooking these patties will excrete some lard/oil
No seasoning required!

Next put them into the microwave oven
Turn on HIGH for 8 min

But first you may wanna prepare some instant pasta
So that it'll be easier for you to poop the next day

While waiting for the microwave oven
Jiajin suggest you chew on a carrot
"Wats up, doc?"

And here we have some delicious 99cts meat patties
Ready to eat! =D

You may wanna add some into your instant pasta
Totally easy to make!
Totally for lazy people like me!
Totally defeats the purpose of me going through Culinary Science!

You may also wanna put on your favourite videos
For us, we're watching The Mentalist
The dead bodies kinda compliments our meat balls

After meals, you may opt for a nice cold beer..

Or a banana for healthier choice! =d

This program is proudly brought to you by
Jiajin and KING MING
The callous Singaporeans in Brisbane

I dunno if its the same for everyone
As an international student here..
I calculate even the slightest bit of cost-satisfaction ratio.

Yep.. Comic blog updated
Do check them out -


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