Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brisbane - day 03

Took some shots last night
before i sleep..

Some stars..
There are significantly more stars in Brisbane
compared to Singapore
Perhaps we have too much street lamps

Edited by CY

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This is Story Bridge
We're on our way to fetch Dillion from the airport

Lunch was at Subway

Its pretty much the same

AUD 7 for a foot long
Pretty cheap, yes?
But the cockanathan gave me tomato when I asked for honey mustard

After that I hurt my toe
Bled too much
So I fell asleep

Woke up to have steak
Its SUPER SUNDAY, so its AUD 5 per steak

But they wanted to see my passport
cos minors are not allowed in
So I walked back to retrieve it
Looks familiar eh?

Steak taste pretty good
Mushroom sauce and smokey flavor
Tasty fries and salad with balsamic vinegar
Best part - AUD 5

Yep.. We're here with SSA again

Jay ordered Medium for me
I would always eat a Medium Rare

The place was pretty crowded
Like hell break loose
and ya know, drunk Aussies are horrible

There's a bar there
where we got our lemonade

Later they wanted desserts
so we went to Lifestyle Tout again

Mocha Frapp

Strawberry Milkshake
I had this it was pretty good
but not cold enough
still can't beat the one at KL Olio Dome

Next we wanted to go catch a movie
The Percy Jackson stuff..

This is how we check our bus journey

Here's the cinema

and the arcade

We din watch a show in the end
Cos din have the timings that we want
and the other shows weren't appealing
Anyways the Mc here sells 50cts ice-cream cones as well
but note - its buckaroos

Waiting for a bus home

Haha.. this is not an optical illusion
The bars are slanted here..
I feel its easier for people to reach and hold
Ya know? Ok thats all for today
I got school tomorrow
Chao outside, muthafuckas!

p/s: anyways you guys can still sms my singapore line
its still in use, but i wun reply


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