Saturday, February 20, 2010

BRISBANE - day 02

i woke up to the sunlight
but it was only 6am (Singapore: 4am)
nothing much.. huge crows, correction its ravens
according to mr. daniel chia
people buying groceries

Did this video
enjoy! =d

i love this

went to check out some houses to rent
this one is at err.. i forgot
pretty decent, ALL Indians
i think i'll pass

Kinda cool huh?
Pol-pols on horses!

Jiajin insisted that he wants Bubble Tea

Menu is pretty much similiar to what we have in Singapore
Plus they have some not so generic flavors
like pudding and yam

Pearl Milk Tea
AUD 3.50
Tasted awful! FAIL!

Next we went to have
HANAICHI Japanese Food

Katsu Curry
AUD 6.50
Friggin awesome!
1. Cutlets are crispy
2. Authentic Japanese Pearl Rice
3. Tasty curry

This should be their PARAGON
I see a lot of HUGO BOSS and all here

So cool.. Drinking taps
in the middle of town
Jiajin told me its only for Hobos

All their electical boxes have individual designs
different styles, different colours and patterns
painted by different artists
Every one of them are different
Its so cool right?

Likewise, there are graffiti everywhere
but no one really gives half a matilda about it

Jiajin went to rent a car

Some of my essential cards now
1. Griffith Uni Student Card
2. Insurance Card
3. Student Concession Transport Card

This is JJ's backyard


Next we went to view another house
Holy shit! This looks like a 鸡蓼 (brothel)
as much as a haunted mansion
30 people living in a squatters-like condition
Fuck me senseless!

Cruising on the highway..

Wow.. really steep slope
Can die if you drive Proton cars here!

We arrived at this one
but no one was around
even after we make an appointment
=_=" Stupid Wombat!

Then we went to another one
Its pretty nice
The landlady is a young Shanghai nurse O_o
Holy Mother Hell? Sure is!
And its not expensive.. There's a swimming pool at the back
Only problem is, a bit ulu
Means once after 4pm, its ghost town

Next stop is Chinatown

We went to 金垒
Its like a restaurant + billiard + arcade + KTV
Kinda rojak

Lunch Special

Anyways yes we're here to Lou Hei again
for Chinese New Year

Who are the THEY?
They are from SSA (Singapore Student Association) in QUT
But I'm not even from QUT
Yes, I know.. Hur hur.. I'm a traitor

Lou ar!~~~~
Trust me, its aussie styled
The raw salmons are fuckin' huge pieces
Not very fresh, its prolly sliced from supermarket cuts
Missing crackers.. Oil.. etc

Then we had a very scumptous meal
They made me sign up for membership - AUD 8
Anywyas the dishes are pretty good

They're kinda like what you can get from our 煮炒 (Stir-fried) Stalls
Pretty good~~
Total Damage: AUD 10.50 per pax
after subsidy from SSA(QUT)

Initial D

Went out for a smoke
By the way, Casket here is some lottery ticket thingy

Finally I see a lot of Singaporeans
yay.. we can all speak in Singlish

Chat chat chat chat chat

We came to an end of the dinner
Its time for lucky draw!

Its amazing!
A AUD 30 Coles and K-Mart Voucher! =D
Yippee Ya Ya!

Ang Mo Lion Dance Troope!
Cool shit!~

And I wondered if these hobos steal your stuff
and sell it here..

Next we went to FreeStyle Tout
According to them, its the finest place to dine in Brisbane

So cool right, the water container!

A Bit of Queensland
AUD 14.90
This is fuckin' orgasmic, I swear
So good I dunno wat to say about it
but its too damn filling
i almost exploded eating it

Lime Cheesecake
AUD 14.90

AUD 14.90

Berry Deluxe
AUD 13.90

Total Damage: AUD 73.50 for 5 pax

Friggin Sweet Place! =)

Almost lost track of time and forgot its Saturday
Lots of people went clubbing

But they return home pretty early
Cos I guess the last train ends early too

Security seems good!

Jiajin told me Australians are kind nice helpful people
but while we were waiting for bus
This car was horning non-stop at the taxi in-front
who was picking up some drunk passengers outside a club
Then one of them white men got down the car
and slammed at the car shouting "Shut the fuck up, you cunt!"
Woah.. Nasty!
Maybe they're different after drinks, similiar to Indians.
Hur hur..

Thats all for today
But before I forget, some shots I took recently
before I left for Brisbane..

I personally think its tastefully done
Don't ask me about it
Whether its nude or not, who the model is.. blah blah blah..
I'm not gonna entertain your answers
If you think its porn, get lost!
Just enjoy the lights, shadows and techniques used


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