Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brisbane/Gold Coast - Day 09

Here I am at South Brisbane Train Station
Today we'll be going to Harbour Town in Gold Coast

Ooh.. Check out these Japanese chicks
Anyways I'm not all ready to go yet
waiting for Jeremy, the late king

Can't help but noticed that they only have
one ticket counter for the entire station

So I sat there with my AUD 3 kopi
and Marlboro Reds watching the drizzling sky
while the station broadcasts of Tsunami warnings in Gold Coast

Vlog today...

I'm quite excited cos its my first time
taking a train in Brisbane
The last time here was in Cairns

It will take us approximately 40-60min
to reach Gold Coast's Helensvale station

Awesome.. Here comes the train!
Lets go! Lets go!

It was pretty packed
cos number 1, its a Sunday
Nobody works here on Sundays
number 2, a lot of people likes to go to the beach

I enjoying shooting shots of signages in Brisbane
Its very much similar, yet different from
what we have in Singapore

Welcome to Gold Coast! =D

There's actually a AUD 99 package
for all-year round unlimited entry/rides
to these attractions, pretty cool eh?

I noticed this is pretty near to
Griffith Gold Coast

A different bus stop button
from what we have in Singapore.
Anyways I made a call to Jocelyn,
but she din pick up.

Lunch was Kebabs at Harbour Town
The Kebabs in Brisbane taste more or less the same
I've realised that the only difference in service.
This is AUD 7.90 for a Kebab (Lamb) and AUD 8.90 for Chicken
Plus AUD 2 to add a 390ml soft drink or water

Some company from QUT's SSA

This is mine!
Chicken Kebabs with Lift

AUD 10 Chinese Massage
The PRC dude ran out to stop me from taking a photograph
instead got some free publicity for himself here

Ok, maybe we do have this in Singapore
but I never knew about it
This is Cotton On BODY
They sell lingerie, swim wear and sleeping gown
Ya know, that kinda stuff la

While here we have Cotton On
The prices here are a lot cheaper compared to those in Brisbane City
But they seem a bit off-seasoned
I was told that all the retail shops here are like Factory Outlet
Meaning those excess, faulty, off-seasoned stuff are sold here
No wonder so cheap!
(Btw, I'm talking about all the shops here.)

The shop that sells these Emily the Strange t-shirts and accessories
Pretty cheap
Those EZ Link Card holders and key chains for around 50cts

Spotted this new shop call - TYPO
They sell pretty interesting stuff
like funny/cheesy cards, notepads, mousepads etc etc

Here I'm trying to show this man with the white cap
It has been showering the entire day
He actually bothers wiping the seat with his hand
so that he can sit there.

You dun usually see this in Singapore.
Ya know, we just go somewhere indoor to sit
if we really need to.

Also, plenty of shops like this that sells
surf shorts, sunglasses; all your favourite Billabong, Rip Curl etc
Not forgetting sports brands factory outlets such as
Nike, Adidas.. etc

"Would you like to sail with me?"

Ok, visualise this.
This section is only a quarter the size of the entire Chemist store.
Chemist Stores are what we call Pharmacies in Singapore.
Ya know, like Guardian/Watson etc..

You can possibly find everything that you wish to find
All kinda brands of medicine, ointment, saline etc
And comes with a cute pharmist too.

Baby with a Hot Mama..

There are braille on most of the toilet doors and lift buttons
Singapore has much to learn..

Tell me if you disagree with me
If there were such a water structure in Singapore,
(Bugis Junction, Orchard ION.. etc)
it will be full of kids on a Sunday
getting wet and wild fun
We are backward and uncivilised in so many ways...

Nearest to the bus stop is an Asian Groceries Shopfront
Sells couple of Chinese brands of daily products and food items

Find the cicada
The most significant impetus to Autumn breaking
Do you know that there are more than 2,500 species of cicadas in the world
I used to collect a lot of their shells when I was younger in Fraser Hill
Green, Brown, Yellow, Orange and all sorts of colour
Then my mum would throw them away cos its unhygienic

Went to KMART to see how I can spend my AUD 30 voucher
from my Chinese New Year Lucky Draw with SSA

Saw this used condom outside the mall
Hmmm... Okaayy...
I think if I were to start something like my
I could make it big in Australia..

Coffee culture in Brisbane..

Check out those high ceilings and all
Its a massive mall for a little Singaporean like myself

I saw quite a lot of Ed Harry stores
It just appears to me that they are Ed Hardy imitation?
The names are simply too similar

Aha! Kmart!

It was a scenic ride on my way back
after some pesky teenagers alighted the train
This local guy was trying to impress 3 girls
with his dancing on the train seats and all
The other commuters doesn't seem bothered by his behaviour
If it were to be in Singapore, he'll be on Stomp!

I vaguely remember Jolin Tsai saying this on the train
"Welcome to Taiwan"

Aussies also leave behind their magazines/newspaper
for the next commuter instead of throwing them away
They're more environmentally friendly

Ok.. Home Sweet Home!

Thought this looked pretty cute..
Haha.. Its like "WOAHHH.. Bus!"

Koreans flood Brisbane City
Lets have some Kimchi Party!

Cultural Center - I live pretty near here
Its the first landmark I remembered when I first got here

Another design of the electric box..
Pretty cool~~

Today I discovered why I love Krispy Kreme's coffee so much
Of cos.. They use La Marzocco!
I should have been able to tell sooner..
Do you know that when I used to work at Starbucks,
we took so much pride in our La Marzocco cos it tastes so much better!

How to Pick up an Asian Chick in Brisbane City

Quite snack at Hungry Jacks (Burger King)
Had some Cheeseburger Meal with Fanta Raspberry
The Motherhell Indian staff don't looked too happy to serve me
You watch out, you come Singapore I will torture you!

Meanwhile Jessy Bessy has Yogen Fruz
They sell pretty impressive Frozen Yogurt
The fruits are so nice, sweet, tasty and fresh

AUD 4.00

Jessy Bessy the Greedy
(Woah.. there's a smiley on the cup)

While waiting for the movie,
we went to relive our childhood days in the arcade
Played those old school games like
Hit the Crocodile, Step on the Spider,
Roll the Ball into the Ring, Hammer the Cat/Mouse

Sipeh stupid games that made us laugh till stomachache

The retarded HTM kids got 111 tickets in 30 min

Lets see what we can exchange them for..

2 Rubber Lizards
2 Rubber Balls
1 Wicked Fizz Candy

Then we headed on to watch Shutter Island
Its friggin awesome smart ass movie
Love it! =D
Especially when there were no distracting English/Mandarin subtitles below

Anyways I can't stand kids/teenagers asking me
for a cigarette in Brisbane City
There're just too many of them
And hello! I do not look like Santa Claus
If you ask from Jiajin, I may probably understand

The movie ended and we found ourselves starving
so we headed to Ashala Bar Cafe and Restaurant

The menu was split into Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
with Beverages behind

We got some comfy seats
cos the restaurant was pretty vacant..


Beef Curry with Basmati Rice
AUD 16.90
The beef curry was pretty tasty with tomatoes
Its tangy and fragrant with tasty chunks of tender beef
However the rice killed it all, it was over-cooked awfully

Kids' Fish & Chips
AUD 9.90
The fish tasted fresh, and battered to serve
Pretty awesome
and they have Arugula in their greens! =D

Free Vegies for KING MING
I bet she suffers from constipation!