Monday, January 4, 2010


The most beautiful flowers
have to wither some day..

Everything will wrinkle off and die somehow..
There is no escape indubitably

Here we are at Sinmin Sec soccer field
just right beside my grandmother's house



Who's fault? Who's fault? Who's fault?

It was quite a boring first half
as the score was stuck at 1-1
Both teams chasing the ball again and again and again
over and over again..

The soccer players' children playing by the side

For the second half
Edwin was tasked to save the team!

Doing some warm-ups before the massacre

Bullying the kid..

Quality Father-and-Son Time

It didn't took long
before Myjia started scoring against their opponents

With Myjia's young players,
the opponent's old farts were no match
for stamina and endurance.


Edwin - MISSED!





Edwin tries for his First Goal on penalty..

... It flew into the sky

The crowd grew impatient watching Edwin miss
every shot that he took

They decided they had enough with his monkeying around
and take a family photo, for a break

The game ended with a
landslide victory of 7-1

Edwin could not withstand the embarassment
and decided to take his life

R.I.P. Edwin Goh Ban Kean

Just kidding.. He came back to live
after we went REBEL and popped 2 chivas.
Have a great 2010, people! =)

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