Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moonlight shines upon the guilty and the innocent alike

meet izandra tan huey an's new boyfriend - aaron goh

we went to 海记 for dinner/supper
and also to celebrate jonapong's birthday again

huey an bought jonapong a dSLR for his birthday

... NOT!

sulk sulk

anorexic bitch

after that we went to mr. prata again
to have to tea

cult shit

cam whores

ok bye..
go back to philippines

Some pictures from my k810i
I realise I take a lot of cat photos..

wen to supper with edwin and his son, kip mun

met jonapong for tea
hmmm.. i forgot wat for

Its always a delight to receive
Canon's Lifestyle Magazine, BUZZ
Lots of nice photos taken by experts/professionals

I like to shop at supermarkets
for snacks and drinks
my recent craze is Chicken Essence

Ah Tay and I went to pick Bobby up
and we saw this USED sanitary pad at the void deck

Just making sure
I'm still tuned in to Class95

Some bloody orang minyak
left his oily palm prints on my lift
i'm hammer him if i bump into him

Was going through a picture compre (sorta) with J.
and he thought the Music School Advertisement was for real
and got really excited over it

Went to IKEA to meet Mr. and Mrs. Tay
Was early, so I had a coffee

Guess who I saw? HAKIM MOHAWK
First thing he told me was - "eh, change a phone la!"
I said no whay.. I can't!

Daily Special
Some poached fish with spinach fettucine

Gravlax with mustard
Its my favourite
Mr. and Mrs. Tay were afraid to eat raw food
so I got to enjoy it

Swedish Meatballs
Their signature dish

The Tay family are here to shop
for a new TV console

Poached Salmon in Black Pepper Sauce

Ah Tay is so sweet
He carries Mrs. Tay's LV bag

Hot Air Balloon!

Then I received a call forcing me to have dinner
So I said "I already had dinner!"
She said she dun care and is on her way down to IKEA already

Yes.. Its okay
I can always have desserts


And I bought some Ginger cookies


Post-script: Lately I've been dreaming of the past just moments before I wake up. So I always wake up feeling like shit, in chains and shackles. But I tell myself "不怕做错。 只怕错了不承认,承认了不改。"


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Huey An said...

Oist Demon King! He;s not my boyfriend lah! he's my friend get it? FRIEND! hahahaha