Friday, January 15, 2010

MING is a Tour Leader

We're here today at
SAKAE SUSHI (Century Square)

Diners - Veron and myself
Veron is from Vietnam
Today we're gonna eat some Japanese food

Colour Plate
Some kinda Egg + Unagi Maki

Colour Plate
Soft Shell Crab Temaki

Colour Plate
Salmon Nigiri

Colour Plate
Tako Yaki
Probably the worst I've ever eaten in my life
It was small, taste very starchy
Taste of Octopus was minimal

Tori Udon

Niku Udon
Wasn't too bad
Plain simple food
simple stock

Colour Plate
Chuka Hotate

TOTAL DAMAGE: $41.65 for 2 pax

Food Quality: 6.5/10
Food Portion Size: 8/10
Food Presentation: 7/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 6/10
Return Factor: 4/10
Value for Money: 4/10
Overall: 5/10
Other Comments: Not impressed, not very satisfactory.
Couldn't find a reason to return.

Next up.. Yogurt
FROLICK @ Tampines One

I always like some yogurt
every now and then at Frolick
cos my first Frolick was at Holland V
with my favourite girl

The ambience was cute and vibrant
usually you'll find girls hanging out here
after school in uniform

Hello, dSLRs are not for cam-whoring

Not forgetting the 2 lovely ladies
Cassandra Yeo and Cheryl Goh
(Yes.. Cass from HTM)

Memories faded in time..

I was playing DotA happily
when I heard gun shots from my living room
Took out my 双節棍 (nunchakus) and pounced out
only to find my sister and her fiance
playing foam gun =_="

Goodwood Park Hotel
I used to work here, doing banquet
selling durian mooncakes etc
Introduced my friend to work here
she found her boyfriend
Still happily together after all these years

Everytime I go to this place,
it rips a massive hole in my pocket
1st: $AU 8,075
2nd: S$5
3rd: S$540
4th: S$64.20
5th: S$53.50
more to come.. I'm sure

Paragon welcoming the Lunar New Year

RadLink Diagnostic Imaging (S) Pte Ltd
and Point Medical Group
to do my medical report, urine tests, blood tests,
sperm tests, eye tests, x-rays blah blah blah...

Vexed by the strong spring winds
the busker continues to juggle against
the forces of nature...

.... Could be a useful lesson for the toddler

Lucky Plaza was probably the first mall
to put up their outside decorations
for Lunar New Year

Saw this girl at Point Medical Group, Paragon earlier
Looks awfully familiar
but I can't recall her name..

I can take photos like this with my dSLR
without people even noticing
But I do not take up-skirts, down-blouse,
nipple-slips etc etc..

Rain washes away the dirt and filth
but also memories of a different life..

Tabao-ed McDonalds' McWings

Jiajin the Australian called me up
after touching down Singapore
and I brought him to Changi Village

Nasi Lemak
Coconut milk rice with Ikan Billis (anchovies),
Fried egg, Fried Chicken Wing (sometimes Kuning Fish)
and Otah (Spicy Fish Cake)
Delicious sinful food for the fatties

My good man, Jiajin
and his Taiwanese girlfriend Winnie Hong
(James, if you're reading this..
Look like JC right?)
Accompanied by fresh cool sugar cane juice to wash the oils down

Lala (Clams)
Cooked in Chili Crab gravy
Rich in Cholesterol and Sodium

Assorted Satays
We ordered Lamb and Chicken
Barbequed, Skewered and served with
Rice cakes, Cucumbers and Special Peanut Sauce

Durian Chendol
Shaved Ice with Chendol (green jelly),
Red Bean, Atap Seed, Evaporated Milk,
Gula Melaka (Brown Sugar Syrup) and of course
The King of Fruits - DURIAN

Tasty treat for the couple..

Teh Tarik
Rich Milk Tea with condensed milk
Tarik (pulled) to aerate for better taste - Indian Styled

Egg Roti Prata
Indian Muslim styled bread (kinda)
served with curry gravy
Ice Limau
Ice lime tea, likened to Ice Lemon Tea
except calamansi is used
The fun of this beverage is the interactivity
of spitting the calamansi seeds while drinking

This fake webcam scammer
kept adding me on msn messenger
It is a bot who replies automatically
Read my funny message
(click image to enlarge)

This is my best-est DotA game ever
Featuring Naga Siren, Slithice
My team was losing at first
So one left from start,
the next left at level 3
the last left at level 8
leaving me and an NW in the game
So we decided to gamble it out against 5 opponents
(click image to enlarge)
However, the following night
I -random Naga Siren again
and got pwn-ed by Nasty_Nicolas and JonathanAnn
It was a brutal massacre


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