Monday, January 4, 2010

k810i Updates

Went to TIMES to buy some vouchers and saw this book
Gordon Ramsay - World Kitchen
(Not Martha Steward, Fuck Martha Steward!)
Thought I would buy it, but nahh..
It'll just probably lie around and grow fungus.

I'm in a love-hate relationship with this car

A taxi driver told me about this guy -
Sri Sakthi Amma
Sakthi Amma's devotees believed that he is
the incarnation of a Puranic diety, Narayani.
He build a 55,00o sq ft gold-coated temple
called the Sripuram in Malaikodi (Tamil Nadu)
What is so interesting about this golden temple is
that its star-shaped pathway is inscripted with teachings of
Sakthi Amma, Gita, Bible, Quran and Guru Granth Sahib;
And only people who believe in MORE THAN one God
are allowed into the temple!

I'm not a sentimental man
but I keep memories in physical objects,
not in my heart/mind.
That is one of the reason why I hate changes..

Been to THE CAGE

Kallang McDonalds'
where many memories of my younger days
I sorta grew up in the Katong area

Wouldn't it be cool to call my son 梁沙爹 (Satay Leong)
I swear he would hate me for life.

Gang logos/signs and what not..
At my HDB senior citizen corner
Be careful old farts!
Anyways for those readers who don't see me in person,
last month a teenage girl was stabbed twice by a Malay boy
before getting robbed at the block behind mine.
And they say Singapore is a safe country?
Better get two bodyguards to protect Joanne Peh.

Nuffnang Old Dogs
at Orchard Cineleisure

Audio Technica Button

Oh boy Oh boy..
I overkilled the CPU with New York Knicks
on NBA2K10 PSP 104 - 40

I hate this..
People throwing their trash into the taxi door handle!

Have a baby by me
Baby, be a millionaire

Nuffnang EOY Gathering
at Illuma K Suites VIP 11


Ignore Jonapong
There used to be a mini mart here
Where there was a gatchapon (toy vending machine)
that vends little rubber balls
Was years ago with a very special friend
and that machine ate my 40cts

This is why I hate changes
It puts my memories in jeopardy
GONE! Time waits for no one..

Found these little sticky tapes in the lift
What the hell man?

REBEL again..

One is never enough..
I don't know why I'm always there..
I don't dance anymore
If I wanna drink, I have too much at home
Maybe I don't like changes

Tried their chicken wings?
Very heaty-tasting, but they're fantastic!
Or maybe I was drunk already.

Without a worry..

RollyMing Airlines is now in operation!
Yep.. Its a game in Facebook.
I just started playing 2 days ago
Its about managing an airline company
You plan the flight routes, advertising, catering, stocks etc
Do add me up, if you like this shit!

Anyways I won the Scrooge'O'Meter game
Buena Vista Columbia TriStar Films (S) Pte Ltd
wants me to drop by their office to collect my prize
but I'm simply too lazy and moody
Think I'll give it a miss.

A funny print-screen of Nuffnang Raine on msn
I'm not a nerd, I'm a geek.
Geeky geeky geeky..

Candy challenged me DotA 1v1 (6.65)
and I pwn her ass with my eyes closed

It seems that Facebook have too many
of these applications that tells you
who visits your profile more often

Have you seen this guy's post? His name is 励志哥
aka "Brother Motivation" who appears in many forums
boasting about his pretty girlfriend despite his looks/size

5 Jan 2010 is the
Last Day of Christmas
For all the phucktards who have no idea
that there are 12 days of Christmas,
your Christmas probably ended long ago.
I wanna wish the rest a last

Its a new year
and a new life...

Sharing my last words of wisdom for Christmas 2009:
Everyone one of us meet in life for a reason
That is to learn a life lesson
(actually its because of karma)
At some point of time, we'll part
maybe through death or other reasons
It is indubitable and inevitable
Hence do not feel upset about separation
because you may miss out a valuable lesson
that you can carry along for the rest of your life!

My prophecy for Year 2010:
There will be more painful separation
more weird and unexpected scenarios
There will be discover of unusual animal/plant species
A great leader will rise into power/fame
There will be another ridiculous new law in Singapore

Let us embrace the future!

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