Thursday, January 28, 2010

k810i updates [28 Jan 2010]

2nd drink from the right
its some blue berry drink
i remember when i was a recruit
we used to sneak into the canteen
and buy this secretly

bumped into ruixiang at tamp mall
check out his phone
its like a remote control
or calculator
so cool! =d

lao shi came to pass me some stuff
before she went drinking
tsk tsk tsk
bad lao shi

i swear
this will be my last visit to REBEL
the music is the same
the order of the music is the same
why do ppl still frequent there?

double cheese burger - my favourite
miam miam miam

i'm always so bored
i squat outside REBEL for hours
observing drunk and horny people
doing all sorts of stupid things
ladies dressed to the nines trippin'
guys trying to get lucky
i'm an observer, maybe i should work in a lab

met edwin and queen for prata
once again..
she always order more than she can finish
however edwin was quite amused

he likes to stalk me when i walk pass
so many a times
i play a bit of catching with him
before he gets bored and walk away

Pork Ribs Prawn Noodles
opposite my house..
been saying it for years
but haven tried Wei Wei's family business
the famous Rochor Prawn Noodles chain

after the meal
me and edwin played with the
王妈妈 (soldier ant)
the point of the game is to
keep it busy letting it run
from one hand to another
ya' know, kinda like a hamster
and see who gets it to run the most cycles
or before it bites one of us

yes.. Koufu is opening opposite my house
but looking at its progress
perhaps it wun be done before i leave
Koufu always reminds me
of my days in Sentosa TAS
good o' days..

瑶瑶 - i like!

2 lil pigeons lazing under the shade of a tree
such a peaceful sight..

This old Indian man has been
selling his kuehs around my house
for more than 10 years
Something I'll definitely miss
while I'm gone
Maybe I'll call up the authorities
to inform of tax evasion

Lucky Star?
Lucky Strike?

I had a little Vespa dream..
which was so far away...

Sloth of J

Was reading Asia Geographic magazine
and saw these interesting old photographs
This was Orchard Road long long time ago

Indian Tobacco Pedlers
offering a smoke for 1ct?
Pretty unhygienic huh..

Victims of War
Some chemical war shit..

Here's another one from
Japan's Nuclear Attack in WWII
This boy came to collect food ration
and the photographer commented that
its a pity he has a handsome face

Saw a SP boy sleeping on the bus
and felt a breeze of nostlagia
when I saw the Changi Youth Ambassador t-shirt
that he was wearing..
Some good o' days I forgot to treasure, perhaps

五月花 May Flower
tissue paper from Taiwan
Hur hur..
I don't know why I took this photo

坏蛋 trying to scare passersby
sitting on top of the mail box

Seriously, even NTUC don't pack their
goods and products so neatly..
This looks more like an exhibition


Can you tell that this Chicken Caesar Salad
is actually mock? Its vegetarian!
And I've no idea why there is mayonnaise..
but it does taste pretty good

Here are some pictures of the 狗狗
at Loyang Tua Pek Gong Temple
They were playing with a plastic cup

Its mine! Its mine!

Get your own plastic cup, you bitch!

Prayer items..

And here's your "小黑"
sleeping soundly under the 天宫炉
It was so cute when it was juz a lil puppy
they had to tie him up
cos it likes to run around the temple
like a crazy doggie

This is the first time in my life
that all my joss sticks are on fire
I tried to put out the fire
but it burnt like armageddon
in less than 3 min, everything was burnt out
Everyone was looking at me
like I was holding an olympics torch
So I awkwardly mumbled,
"Errr.. Huat ah!"

I couldn't recognise which ones are
my Hoshi & Tsuki anymore
All of them are so damn phat!

I got this replacement card for the Now! card
anyway UOB is pretty screwed
I can't activate the card
I went to the bank and they told me to wait
now I have 2 of these cards
Hmmm... Watever!

The Ave 9 Resident Evil
He's mentally unsounded
but he doesn't talk to or harass anyone
Used to walk around the neighbourhood
on his bare feet
Now he has slippers
some kind soul must have donated him some

I used to sit here a lot
and gaze at the stars..
But I don't believe in them anymore
Anyways here's a photo of Edwin vomiting
I think he's pregnant

Supper was.. Apple Pie

Every cafe is coming out with
Orange flavored premium coffees
Its so uncreative..

always reminds me of my TAS days

KBox Marina
This is the smoking room
The design is kinda weird
I wouldn't call it contemporary

Pasta de Waraku
Does bring back some memories, yes

Halfway singing,
I felt hungry so I went to 家乡
to eat their kolomee
but fuck.. it wasn't good
the chicken was tender but seems
a lil undercooked..
and its too expensive!
Thumbs down.

My EOS500D and Raine's Nikon D5000
Its like Party in the USA!

TKGS socks..

Dinner today was steamboat at

We called in for reservations
Luckily it wasn't a crowded night

For starters, we went to get the herbal prawns
which has chinese alcohol beneath it
Very tasty, very fresh
A la minute
Oh yes.. There was also Black Pepper Crab

Veggies are good for health

Meat balls for me..
Meat balls.. meat balls..

The pot is split into 2
One side we had tom yum,
the other we had chicken soup

Dessert was fantastic
There were so many to choose from...
They all look so tasty

Love that Lychee Grand Manier Pie
Tasty Tasty Tasty

Honeydew Pudding

Comes with coffee or tea! =D
Drinks are free flow at $7/-

Oh yes.. There were also
Chocolate Fondue and Bobo Chacha
The dessert section was really exciting

TOTAL DAMAGE: $45/- for 1 pax

After that we went to have a lil drink to digest
at J Bar on the 9th floor

Guess who I saw on JUICE magazine?
Our French teacher, Mr. Guiliano
I even supported him by buying his EP

J.'s Assessment Books

I vaguely remembered
there was a pasar malam here too
and I bought a Ramly Burger..

Supper was at Pasta Mania (TM)

The Starbucks Chinese New Year merchandises
are on the sheft already..

Barista Bear for the Tiger Year
cute, yes?

Ice Tall Latte

I just saw this lately
Its a Canon Camera Bag
I think its pretty cool..
Hmmm.. I wantttttttt!

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