Friday, January 1, 2010


Lets play a game..

I brought my IXUS 95IS and EOS 500D out today
See if you can tell which photos are taken by which camera.
All photos reduced to 720 x 480

Hint: "First principles, Clarice. Simplicity. Read Marcus Aurelius.
Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself? What is its nature?"
(Quote: Hannibal Lecter)

And maybe people will stop asking me
whats the difference between a
dSLR and a compact camera, yes?

Went to Heeren Spinelli's
and guess who I saw?
Naz, my supervisor when I worked in Spinelli's
in the year 2001.

Remember I mentioned that my tongue piercing
nearly splitted my tongue cos
I went for a Malay friend's wedding
the day after I got my piercing?
It was his wedding - Naz, my man!

Now he's Assistant Store Manager of Heeren, Spinelli's
Happily married with 2 kids.

Yes I would agree that the IXUS
does gives a fair amount of macro
but look at this picture
the focal points are all over the place!

With me at Spinelli's is 恩典

Crazy Bitch

Then we headed to Suntec City
to meet the rest of the Pongs...

Cam Whore!

Last dinner of the year was at
Tony Roma's Restaurant
B1-007 Suntec City Mall

We were the last table of customers
to arrived cos Jonapong was released late from work
However, the staff were patient with our order
Polite, friendly and professional


We decided to order

Set B - $148++
(Ideal for 4 to 6 people)

4 glasses of Red/White Wine or
2 jugs of Soft Drinks

Tomato and Chicken Salad for sharing

Festival Feast:
(Carolina Honey Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Special Sausage,
Fried Shrimp, Corn on the Cob and Cole Slaw)

Dessert for sharing

Bread was served with Herb Butter
Not freshly baked in-house, however good enough
Taste like its bought from Delifrance

Tomato and Chicken Salad
Jonathan and myself were pretty amazed
by the overgrown cherry tomatoes.
I was very happy that they dried their lettuce properly
as I very much hate to see my salad
submerged in a pool of water. (eg. Aston's)
Seasoning is a bit to the light side
Fried chicken well marinated, batter is thin and crispy

Corn on the Cob and Cole Slaw
Boring and dry/dull looking Corn on the Cob
However it tasted great
I would glaze it with some olive oil before serving
to give it a lil perk on presentation
I didn't like the cole slaw one bit
cos it has a very raw/green cabbage stench

Carolina Honey Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Special Sausage & Fried Shrimp
Rather appealing dish,
its like a super combo!
Honey Ribs were awesome. I would rate it above Buddy Hoagies and
definitely above Cafe Cartel
(as much as its their signature dish - IT SUCKS SO MUCH,
I would very much like to see it removed from the menu)
BBQ Chicken was tasty, succulent tender juicy thighs
with just the right amount of seasoning/tanginess
Fried Shrimps - ok, the shrimps were sweet and chewy but
they did not get the batter right.
Special Sausage was a lil tough
nothing really special about them.

Jonapong on breasts (chicken)

洗碗阿姨 helping Baby James with his food

Dessert 01
Not impressed

Jonapong yells, "Show me the money!"

Dessert 02
I love the caramel + apple combination
not recommended for people who hate sticky messy food
However it was essential to leave a last sweet impression - Nice!

Total Damage: $174.20 for 5 pax

Food Quality: 8/10
Food Presentation: 7/10
Food Portion Size: 9/10
Value for Money: 6/10
Service: 9/10
Ambience: 6/10
Return Factor: 6/10
Other Comments: The staff were patient and did not rush us as they were doing their closing when we were dining, especially when they have an internal countdown party waiting for them (Sorry for holding you girls-in-outward-bound-t-shirts up). However, I feel that the food and ambience does not justify the premium prices they are charging, unless they have a live band or scenic view.

This review appears on:

Its cute to watch 恩典
licking her braces for the next 2 hours after meals

Meanwhile Lili for the next 4 hours
complained, "There are Pork Ribs between my teeth!"
My advice - Bring a toothbrush out, dumb!

Jonapong mumbling to himself repeatedly,
"The world is coming to an end.. The world is..."
Cultist! See what Apple does to your brains.

Chibi Maruko?

It did not take me long to realise that
I do not know how to use a compact camera
1. I refuse to shoot in AUTO modes
2. I have yet to read the instruction manual thoroughly,
thought it was intuitive

5 min away from fireworks..

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..

Ok that was shit!
We only saw glimpse of the fireworks
However the thunderous explosions filled the skies
and gave everyone orgasms.
Happy 2010 everybody! =)
Wishing everyone happiness and good health.

I have no idea why jonapong
is giving the "i-am-going-to-ejaculate" face

After the countdown it was major mayhem in town
the traffic was at standstill
and we're stuck for like forever

After 1.5 hours wait.. Our bus finally arrived
but even when we got on the bus, it wasn't moving

Finally it took us 2.5 hours to reach my house

We drank some orange juice
and went to prata with James


Hannibal Lecter: You still wake up sometimes, don't you? You wake up in the dark and hear the screaming of the lambs.
Clarice Starling: Yes.

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