Friday, January 1, 2010

DIGITAL IXUS 95 IS Test Shots / Review

To understand the DIGITAL IXUS 95 IS better
I brought the camera out with me
to buy kopi-peng from across the road..

The AUTO mode corrects the colour
and amplifies the greens and blues

Not very satisfied with the depth of field (bokeh)
but I guess its good enough..

Sharpness is very satisfying

Backlit enhancement when background is bright

Portrait skin tones
helps richen the skin colours and smoothen skin

Kids and Animal mode to help capture
small movements
Kinda like Al Servo mode

Beautiful stainless colours reproduced at
ISO 80

However, low light shooting
doesn't seem very acceptable
without the use of its flash

Macro shooting also gives you
a lot of finer details that you may want to see

20X Zoom (Digital + Optical)
How far is that?
Lets just say its more than 10 storeys high
where I shot this..

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