Monday, January 11, 2010

Ah Tay and Lijun Wedding Highlights

The Story:
After a 7-years long run
Ah Tay finally decided to marry Lijun
The night before the big day, at Ah Tay's house...

At 3.30am, we were still preparing for the big day
There's simply too much stuff to settle

Break time, me and Bobby awed by the photo album

Meanwhile Ah Tay makes sure everything is in place

5am, we were left with less than one hour to sleep
but everyone was so excited we chatted throughout the night
Bobby entertained us with his jokes like
"Garrick 以前是个太监..."

6am, rise and shine bathed
I think I managed to doze off for 15 min

Papa Tay blessing the wedding car
Bobi everything 顺顺利利

Door Opening Ceremony by the camera shy 小小舅子

And its time to 过关斩将
fight our way through to fetch the bride to Ah Tay's house

Please stand behind the Yellow Line
The Test of Sincerity begins
Ah Tay and his Brothers will face challenges
posed by the bride's Sisters...

- Eating lemon slices (Sour)

- Drinking honey (Sweet)

- Drinking bitter gourd juice (Bitter)
- Eating Wasabi Biscuits (Spicy)
After having the 酸甜苦辣 (4 Flavors) of Life,
Ah Tay is given a sexy underwear..

The Sisters totally enjoying themselves teasing Ah Tay
but not to worry, the Brothers are here to support the groom!

Alan drinking milk from Ah Goh's bra

Next its time for some morning exercise
The Brothers do push-ups with Ah Tay lying on them

The final stage is to bob a key from a pail of keys
and to Pay off the Sisters
with the amount they are satisfied with

The amount keeps increasing by the hundreds
Alan exclaimed, "看她们这么贪钱的"
(See how greedy these girls are!)

Finally Ah Tay meets his bride, Lijun

Knight in shiny armor rescued his princess
Sealed with a kiss...

Under the instructions of the middle-woman
They prayed to the heavens for blessings

The couple leaves for the groom's home
escorted by the bride's parents
The dad sheilds her with a red umbrella
while the mum throws handfull of rice shouting auspicious words
(No, this site is not sponsored by Yeo's Chrysanthemum Tea)

Cruising down the highway towards Happiness..

Ah Tay, "She's finally mine!"

Ah Tay received a punishment from us
for being so mushy!

The Sisters Unite

Eating of Glutinous Rice Balls and Eggs
It symbolises a fulfilling, complete and fruitful life ahead


Tea serving Ceremony part 1

Second round of punishment for Ah Tay
after the buffet lunch

More glutinous rice balls and eggs in sweet soup

Got 眼屎!
It was inevitable, all of us have dark circles, eye bags, outbreaks
Not easy to get married leh

Tea Serving Ceremony part 2

Bullying 小朋友, Garrick

Went to take a few Wedding Photoshoot





The scorching sun was simply too merciless
Being a sissy,
I called off the shoot before everyone dies of heat stroke

6pm, Ah Tay prepares his hair-do
with his personal stylist
for the Wedding Dinner

And of course, our lovely Sisters at the reception

Thomas was very early
Doesn't he look younger and skinnier?

Mr. and Mrs. Chee Keat graced the event

In case you have yet to notice
everything was done in a VERY VERY traditional manner
Some of the Chinese practices lost in time,
I get to witness today

Lijun and her Sisters

Ah Goh and Wili

Garrick the Photo Booth Boy

Welcome to Our Wedding

Our emcee tonight is
Bobby and sorry-i-din't-catch-your-name
Lets call her "Leggy"

Lets put our hands together
and welcome Mr. and Mrs. Tay

The Cold Dish (aka Appetisers)

The second dish
Shark's Fin Soup

I have no idea what the hell
Ah Goh is trying to do
Wili looks pretty disturbed
especially after seeing him
wear a bra in the morning

I'm gonna be missing out a lot of dishes
cos I was running around snapping photos

Yuuummmm Seeeeeennnngggg!

The couple thanked their parents on-stage
and everyone for their presence

Check out the video I did for Ah Tay

Papa Tay was busy going around
drinking with his buddies
A son's marriage is always the proudest moment
in a father's life


Garrick acting drunk

A new member joins the Tay Family

Ah Tay, "Check out my sexy wife!"

The couple's family thanking attendees at the door

Bottoms-up for Ah Tay

A lil gayness before Ah Tay becomes a real man

Leong, Goh, Tay, Wili, Garrick, Bobby, Marcus

More punishment!

Once it starts
it doesn't really stops!

Wishing Ah Tay and Lijun
a happy life ahead! =)

more photos here


Jocelyn said...

nice pictures!

everytime i see videos of pple's wedding, it never fails to let tears well up my eyes.

MING said...

but why?