Sunday, January 31, 2010

MyJia FFC Finale

Photos are taken with EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
with some close range by EF 17-40mm f/4L USM

Ok.. Here we are at Serangoon Stadium
There'll be a very special match today
for our favourite soccer players of MyJia FFC

This is the last match of this season
Before the next one starts in March
Naturally, also my last shoot for MyJia FFC

Which team will prevail as the champions?
*background music - Eye of the Tiger*

Say Cheese! =)

MyJia Players in their AWAY jerseys
doing their stretching routines on our left

Also gathering up to discuss their strategy and gameplay
Yes, that Edwin second from the left
showing the team his penus

"When I grow up.. I wanna play for MyJia too!"

Discussing gameplay on the right hand side,
we have MyJia wearing the HOME jerseys
WHAT? How can there be two teams of MyJia
playing against each other?

Thats why I said this is a very special game
MyJia (HOME) versus MyJiaFriends (AWAY)
It was a surprise game
and the players only knew about it after they arrived
So now we know that the winner of this game
can only be MyJia!

The referees of the game:
Ah Neh A
Ah Neh B
Ah Neh C

I think Indians have very good reputation
of being sharp/alert/just
thats why they are always referees..
I think.. I'm not sure either =_=

妹妹 wants to take some nice photos too!

The teams shake each other's hands
before the friendly game starts..

"Those who wants prata on my left Those who wants naan on my right, please!"

To decide who starts the ball,
each team will guess heads/tails from a coin toss

Referee, "अच्छी-भली अपने सिर "
Captains, "Okaay.. So who did you say, gets to start?"


"I think he's gonna throw to that side!"

Yes.. Edwin doesn't look very alert
In fact, he doesn't even look awake

"Watch me do the Moonwalk!"

I thought this picture look quite funny
Its like the guy in luminous kicked
number 15 so hard he flew

Tickle Tickle..

Benzer notices Number 11

Benzer, "No! You don't!"

Jerry, "You want a piece of this?"

"Hey Edwin, get up! We're still in the middle of the game.." "No.. I'm not done with my marble game"

"Edwin, you are an idiot!"

Everybody gets a sip of fresh cool ale

...and in no time,
everyone was ready for battle

Great safe!

1 versus 3

Botak Defender "Wow, check out his cool treads!"

Ok.. Actually I was just writing crap
It game was real exciting
but I forgot the details

A HD video I took during the match
Watch it here -

Walkie Talkies to HOME team mates
"Its time to use our secret weapon!"

Edwin's goal

Watch him prance around the field
Ok his jersey reads "Mark"
but he's really Edwin

There was a kindergarten Sports Day
going on at the same time
The kids were super cute
running around like little chicklets

"Eh, look! UFO behind you!"


Benzer was down for a while in the second half

Edwin was sent out of the game
for sexually harassing other soccer players

a traditional Thai massage treatment

"Oi! We are in the middle of a game ok?" "Ok.. Sorry boss, continue your massage later ya?"

Ebenzer recovered and he's back to the game
Anyways, if you remembered
in the previous games, I always refer to him as TP Boy

The friendly game ended with a landslide 3 - 0
with MyJiaFriends bringing home the trophies

This is how Edwin's nipples look like

Funds Collection

Wa.. that aunty sure loves Coca Cola

There were Polar Curry Puffs
for all players and spectators

妹妹 was drawing flowers on her hands
I used to love doodling on people

Ban Kean with his trophy

After that we went to eat at Hougang
Teo Seng (Teo Chew) Eating House

Total Damage: $25 for 8pax