Saturday, December 5, 2009

OPHIX picnic @ Esplanade

Indubitably, the love of my life -OPHIX
Haven seen them for ages
Initially wanted to go Marina Barrage for picnic
but it was raining, so we ended up at Esplanade

When I say jump, you say WHICH FLOOR?

You'll be amazed
How many good photographers out there
are actually using EOS1000D
with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
I believe Cheong is one of them.

13 mei

We shared our EOS around
so everyone had some fun with the dSLRs

Meanwhile I was using my
MOST professional camera -
Sony Ericsson k810i

Cheong is an idiot
He bought frozen hotdogs for picnic

Trying to take my up-skirt photo

Lent him my temperamental 580EXII

Yes.. James is back from Taiwan
Very glad to be going OPHIX outing with him

We are pigs!

The rain didn't stop
as much as I hate it..

I'm not sure..
but I think the 堵嘴 pose is pretty "IN" now.

Cheong enjoying a Cigar

Jo never looked so prettier
before she became part of bokeh

Hmmmm... Being a technology idiot..
I could never understand these Cultist stuff!

Lets not touch the screen, yes?


Pei Hwa looked pretty here too

Iman looks confused..


Some cute little children..

They were playing some
Cultist 2-player Game!
How evil does that look?

Weed is good for health!

Retarded Girls on the Run..

Do you remember the time?

Unglam Queen!


I like this photo =)

Knn.. I have AZN slit-eyes.

I was sucked in by the Jazz band playing
Girl from Ipanema
One of my favourite songs of all time
15% Lifesteal


Cam whoring with the 1000D


When you held my hand
There was love in the air..

吃吃吃... 吃吃吃...
Unglam Queen!

Some things I already know
but I choose to be ignorant

I choose not to believe
So that someday I fly...

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