Tuesday, December 29, 2009

OLD DOGS [28 Dec 2009]

There was a new shopping mall at Somerset - 313
Time really waits for no one... No one..

Took some photos of Orchard Christmas decorations
cos it could be my last Christmas here

I remember the day MOHAWK
(koksheng, hakim, alex, yiwen, jessy bessy etc)
went to pasta mania after sentosa
and we sat around that spot
and it was pretty dramatic...
Human usually do not sense storms approaching

Anyway the key event today is
OLD DOGS (movie) with Nuffnang
The whole lot of us waited at 6th floor cos we saw the white tables
only to find out later ticket collection was at the 4th floor

Watching the movie today is Jaz

Earlier seen in Zirca and the
photoshoot I took for her at Fort Canning

Knew her for 6-7 years
(when I was 12 years old? haha)
See! Time waits for no one..

Jaz fell asleep even before the movie started


Thanks to Hong Peng
who directed me to level 4

Jaz commented that Elise (Chicken Little)
got some power sexy legs..
Of cos la.. Chicken legs all skinny one leh!

Story: 7/10
Acting: 10/10
Direction: 8/10
Visuals: 6/10
Overall: 7/10
Other Comments: I don't know if some of you are sharp enough to notice
many scenes in the movie were out-of-focus, meaning it took the camera man
some time to focus on the subjects (and it wasn't deliberate).
Ending was kind of expected. However, a ball full of fun and laughter.
A good movie to bring your kids to.

After that we decided to go shoot some photos

Yes.. Photography is something
that requires a lot of planning

Watch me teleport!

Haha.. Doice likes to do this too

After that we went to eat dinner/supper

豆花水 = Bean Flower Water
Respect +20%

Hokkien Mee for me..
I'm so gonna miss this dish

Its fun to watch Jaz
play with her noodles

View full album here:

There is somebody whom
I would really like to shoot..



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