Sunday, December 20, 2009

K810i Stories..

Ok.. its time to upload
the photos from my dearest phone
Some are quite out-dated,
enjoy! =D

My camera is so big
it covers her entire face
Hahaha... she's as silly as
when i first knew her 5-6 years ago





The city of sin is a pity on a whim
Good girls gone bad, the city's filled with them..

Went to have a hair cut with Edwin

I hate to be under the umbrella..
I hate to be in the rain..

Before Jonapong got his own EOS 450D

Citylink Starbucks screwed up my drinks
but gave me a drink coupon as compensation

Night lights..


3rd Division

A lot of idiots like to throw their rubbish in the lift
if it doesn't fit in the rubbish chute..

Doice 1.. 2.. 3..

Our Bat Mobile arrived in Geylang for supper..

Beef Hor Fun

Dim Sum

Sometimes when I'm too lazy to even play PSP
I'll just let the computer versus each other out..

Hello, aunty..
You think this is your house?

Sometimes its not a virtue..



Breakfast at McDonalds'

Everyone misses the old MOS

Vomit Boy, Edwin

In search for Kueh Chup..

Wow.. I didn't know there is Wendy's in Singapore

Even the floor likes to eat some Mc Chicken

I don't understand why she got a "STUDENT" discount card
but I needed it to buy assessment books

This supermarket trolley quite cool..
You insert coins like those pool tables =)

I hate to find tissue stuck in taxi door handles
I always accidentally stink my hand inside and get grossed out

This reminds me of a joke that Kumar shared
during one of his talk shows.
I kinda forgot the full details, so I made some changes.

Brandon and Bernice are married
and enjoyed anal sex.
During their first year annivesary,
Bernice decided to tattoo their initials on her butt
to spice up their sex life - a "B" on each side of her butt cheek.
So after she got her tattoo, she went home
and showed her husband her new body art.
Took off her pants and her husband yelled
"Who the fuck is BOB?"

Christmas Lights


Some drunk nerd knocked himself out
at our table and left his glasses here.
He seems pretty depressed and was drinking Absolute
by the bottle - FIERCE KAR!

Funny Chu Ping..
You can never see me doing this..
My teeth hates lemon.

Accompanied him to buy cigarettes
and he bought some Marlboro Super Premium
the entire pack is black
taste normal.. nothing special/premium at all


Flaming Lambo

Fallen Hero

Bumped at Zirca
Cute as ever..

Anyway a girl sent me this
She said I drew this for her many many years ago
and she kept it till today..


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