Friday, December 11, 2009


10 December 2009

Lots of familiar faces
that brings back memories =)

Wow.. Look at that enormous cupcake!

TP's renowned Nikon Photographer - Shaz
in da house!


The polaroid girl - Maybelle

For the second time
I think my camera loves them

Jo-an Shi Hua, Slyvia and Ping Guo

Our 校花
Serene Venusrin Luechai Lim HX

Jessy Bessy the Menance

My favourite diva, Kai Wen

Fwah.. Joyce so tall
compared to Giants - Chelsie & Sunny

Mr. Hong Kong Hearttrob

Picture of the Day

Yes.. He's the REAL DEAL
Famous 15 year veteran with
Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS);
Lets call him Tan Wai Gong
(Grandpa Tan)

Just a side note,
KY, Joyce, Shepp, Apple and Shi Hui are
what I call photogenic people.
Notice how they have this charisma
when taken with dSLR.
Another bonus is that you don't have to
post-process their photos to give them the shine.

Sipeh cute!

KING MING in da house!
(photo by Maybelle the "polaroid girl")


I love these girls
They're crazy beyond imagination

Find me!

Siao Char Boh(s)!
A pity Denise de Cruz wasn't there

Tan Mei Mei
She was just a lil peanut
when me and Ken were playing Mega Zords
See how time flies mercilessly..
Oh ya.. She's Ken Tan (Sasuke)'s younger sister
Naturally, Grandpa Tan's grand daughter
also Joyce Mickey's cousin.

(click image to enlarge)
Yes.. The party was so big
It was on Channel U News!

Maybelle's fingernail looks like
the Peanut Butter M&M hor?

Birthday Girl and Family

Trying to figure out how to open the Red Red Wine
HTM and CCM style..

Pokezhao and Maybelle looking pretty
Notice how skinny Pokezhao is
even on wide-angle lens

Mickey at her cake
with Tan Mei Mei ninja-ing behind


I set up my tripod with the birthday cake
but when Joyce Mickey appeared..
Everyone else was in front of the tripod
snapping away like paparazzi!

Anyways I failed to repair my 580EX-II today
and it went crazy at the shoot.
Mis-firing, sudden over-exposure
Likened a girl having PMS.. Scary!

See how famous Grandpa Tan is..

Kim Sim and Lynette

Happy Grandpa Tan

I feel quite guilty shooting him
cos I know the flash guns are quite blinding
as much as I've already adjusted to 1/16 power
Also its bad for old people's eyes

Hords of fans
Grandpa Tan sure snatches the limelight from our birthday girl

Tan Ma Ma and Tan Mei Mei

Finally, 148 arrived.
She has the same birthday as me, ya know?



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