Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hard Rock Cafe on Xmas Eve

Brought my kid, J to Hard Rock Cafe
for Christmas Eve Lunch today
Had to censor his face to protect his privacy.

The restaurant was filled with little caucasian kids
who were there for lunch
There was a happy, warm and welcoming atmosphere
J felt safe and I feel tall for the first time
Heh heh..

Was served by Tang Lin today
She was friendly and very patient
with our VIP, Mr. J
who was very shy with girls and
trying to be a troublesome kid
Much thanks to her, she managed to coax him
to finally order Kids Fish & Chips
There was also this cute kids' menu for him
to doodle and colour on

And for myself - SANTA BABY
The season's promotion - 3 course set

Home Made Creamy Pumpkin Soup
Tasty like how I would make it
Saltiness just right
You may also find bits of pumpkin in the soup
with an inviting orange colour soup
I would sprinkle some parsley on it

Not a Gordon Ramsay Parody
He told me he's pretending to be Mr. Bean
Ok.. Kids don't make sense anyway

I wrote him a very poetic Christmas card
which he have extreme difficulties understanding
except "Merry Christmas, J" and "from, Mr. Leong"

Cecil Iced Tea
Clean-tasting tea
with touch of orange flavour
My guess is - black tea plus bottled-fresh orange
Clean to the palette, refreshing and fruity

(kids' set)
Comes in a cute, durable and colourful plastic cup
to prevent crazy kids from knocking it over

Kids Fish N Chips (Kids Set)
I didn't steal from his plate
but he enjoyed it thoroughly
as I teach him how to use a fork and knife
in a proper gentlemanly manner
He finished everything without complains
Maybe I should eat that sometime soon..

US Turkey Stuffed with Mushroom Fillings (set)
The berry jam turkey is delicious,
well-marinated and perfectly sliced
If you like IKEA meatballs, this is what you'll enjoy
At first I thought the little ball was a scone
but it was actually a turkey/mushroom meatball
Lovely lovely meal..
especially with my favourite arugula
which totally completes a perfect dish for me

I swear its painfully tedious teaching a kid
how to use fork and knife
especially when he's been using chopsticks all his life;
worse when he kept complaining about
the weight of the silverware
Maybe HRC could get children plastic culteries

However, I was pleasantly surprised when Tang Lin
offered to cut his Fish into bite-size
but I declined "No! Let him learn!"
I'm pretty sure I would be the kinda parents
who let my children learn about life the hard way
Maybe I won't even want kids..

He was overjoyed when the host gave him
a blue balloon, but the greedy boy
wanted another white one
after seeing the next table's kid having 5 balloons

Thats when I stepped in,
"Confucius says, Greed is No Good"
But thank God, the staff pampered him with a white one
before he could even think of pulling the
"roll-on-the-floor" tantrum stunt

It didn't take Grace long to realise
repeat-difficult-customer, Mr. Leong is in da house
She immediately approached our table
and introduces herself our little VIP
who was too shy to look her in the eyes
Maybe she's too pretty

Passion Cheese Cake with Cranberry Sauce
Delicious fresh little slice of cake
yes fresh, thats key

Holy Wombat this is really great value-for-money
There's no chance for me to squander my dough
Anyway the coffee is "brewed"

My Family Photo.. NOT
I don't have the endurance and stamina
for their 6 million "why"s per day

We kidnapped a dining kid from the next table
who looked like Harry Potter
His name is Adrian
Later caught by Grace,
who came yelling "HOI!"
J said he's gonna show all his classmates this photo

TOTAL DAMAGE: $46.50 for 2 pax

Food Quality: 9/10
Food Presentation: 9/10
Food Portion Size: 10/10
Beverage Quality: 9/10
Value for Money: 10/10
Service: 10/10
Ambience: 8/10
Return Factor: 11/10
Other Comments: I always return to restaurants who recognise me on my repeat visit. It makes me feel like King. I was quite impressed with the staff who managed to subdue the troublesome J, which I know was not easy at all. Kudos!

This review can also be found at: (more tasty reads here)
Forwarded to GM HRC

Brought him to McDonalds' for some ice-cream
before sending him home..
He enjoyed himself throughly =)

Merry Christmas to all!

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