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Hard Rock Cafe [14 Dec 2009]

Found these lying around for some time already
So I went to pack them up to be sent to Nuffnang

Jonapong browsing my EF-lens Catalog
No, its not for my Christmas Present T_T

Wooooaaahhh.. Caught in a Bad Romance..

We're back upon invitation by the GM, Mr. Mark Chan

Upon entering the establishment,
we were greeted by a young female staff
who recommended us the "Christmas Baby"
which is..

Home Made Creamy Pumpkin Soup
US Turkey Stuffed with Mushroom Fillings
(Served with Musclan Salad and Rosemary Boiled Potatoes)
Passion Cheese Cake with Cranberry Sauce
(Choice of Coffee or Tea)

However we felt that its too early
for a Christmas dinner,
so we decided to order other stuff..

We were served by a friendly female staff, Menchie
who has good product knowledge and an amazing memory;
In addition, patience with our cannot-speak-english edwin goh

The restaurant was vibrant with plentiful Caucasians
and nostalgic music recordings
from my first cassette tape collection

The table setting was slightly different
from our previous visit
A side plate with a servette and wet tissue
was present this time.
The spirit for constant improvement looks promising

Forgot what its called


Inblast Berry Martini

During our smoke break, a friendly Caucasian
approached us for a small talk.
His name is Mikhail, from Belgium
and is here for a short trip to service some turbo engines
He informed us if we are good at drinking,
we gotta get through the famous bar keep
Indeed not long later, he was snake-walking back to
Holiday Inn after his Long Island Tea

The two floor managers, Ramakrishna and Cynthia
came to interact with us
It was rather awkward that they assumed Val was me
and she got all the attention while
me and Jonapong smiling away sipping our drinks

The starters arrived shortly..

Potato Skins
This is Val's favourite, potatoes baked with skins on
with cheddar cheese, bacon and green onions
Everytime we come here, she gotta order this

Hard Rock Nachos
A staff, Grace recommended this on our previous visit,
so we decided to try their nachos.
Similiar style compared to Supreme Nachos from
Laguna National Golf and Country Club's Lakes' Cafe,
only better.
However I was quite surprised to find pinto beans in it.
Taste kinda cute.

Jumbo Combo
Didn't enjoy the Santa Fe Spring Rolls and
Hickory-Smoked Chicken Wings,
however, the fresh (not frozen) Onion Rings
and Tupelo Chicken Tenders were great.

Noticed Jonapong has pulled up his collars
after we discovered and teased him about his love bites
Tsk tsk tsk..

The awesome-o band Enigma
playing very updated songs
that got everyone singing along

Twisted Mac, Chicken & Cheese
Grilled chicken breast, however they were tender
The Cavatappi macaroni was cheesy and al dente
Served with garlic toast

New York Strip Steak
Ordered Medium Rare but arrived a bit to the Medium
but no complains cos the Choice grade 12oz steak is juicy
and has nice sexy grill lines for me to smear the herb butter over them.
Vegetables and mash potatoes (not powdered) were tasty
However I like my steak with more marbling.
Good steak, nevertheless.

Famous Fajitas
Val ordered Grilled Beef for her fajitas
The sizzling plate has some pretty neat presentation
Wow, it has guacamole, salsa and caramalised onions
Not that I'm a sucker for Mexican cuisine
but it always brings back fond memories
of my Culinary Science days - best days of my life
T_T I should have ordered that..

Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Que Chicken
Edwin ordered this
Looks pretty good, but from eating the
Hickory Smoked Chicken Wings from the Jumbo Combo
I know its not my kinda dish

A very cutesy girl, Roxanne
celebrated her birthday today

Ok.. I know my photos are over-exposed today
and I can't be bothered to photoshop them.
Anyways, it was a pretty funny experience
at Canon Service Center today
Will blog about it real soon, so stay tuned.

This time they did it right.
Cynthia went around to chop the entry stamps
for dining guests before Kumar's show begins,
when they would start charging for covers.
And a female staff was the door host.

Why? Because if they were to mistaken a dining guest
for a bugger who tries to get in for free,
she can always get away with it
with an apology with puppy eyes.
Nothing to do with the short skirts,
but management who have worked in the F&B industry
long enough would know this -
To handle angry guests with quick-witted and pretty FEMALE staff

I swear Val needs make-up

While Edwin poses with his main course
He barely touched it..

Jonapong looks pretty angsty, yes?
Cos he's kinda disturbed by the Middle Eastern (maybe) guy
sitting behind me.
Said he's been staring at our table for a long long time.

Yes the guy in red/pink
with his hand on his lips.
Our Jonapong can be quite a menstrating whore sometimes..

Before the Kumar show began,
the staff began to clear up the middle of the stage.

Sweeping up fries, party poppers,
weirdly-shaped objects and yea.. stuff..

It was cleared in no time at all.
Wonderful wonderful!
I swear we had the best seats in the entire restaurant.
There is no whay anyone can block our view.
Unlike the previous visit, it was not as packed as before.
Maybe it was because my birthday fell on a month-end payday.

We boo-ed Edwin as he asked for
his main course to be removed
You definitely cannot bring this joker to a buffet dinner.
He only has appetite for girls, not food.

The band continued to play good music..

Jonapong's EOS 450D
with the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 that I lent him
Lets hope he can take some coolshite photos!
Never look down on kit lens, if you're interested
I can give you a link to Nic Cheong's photo album.
All shots taken with EOS 1000D with 18-55mm kit.
Once again, I emphasize:
Its the photographer - NOT the camera/lens

Dumb ass Jonapong smiling sheepishly to himself
as he sms-es "BABY"
(who gave him the love bites)
Indubitably Grotesque Sight!

Sinful Hot Fudge Sundae
Three large scoops of Häagen-Dazs vanilla
ice cream, topped with hot fudge
sauce, chopped walnuts, fresh whipped cream,
chocolate sprinkles and a cherry
I'm pretty sure I'm the only one eating the entire Sundae


Kumar and Company

Kumar's brilliant!
Do catch him on Monday nights here,
before he leaves for Vasantham Central

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance Parody
pretty interesting, kinda like the MTV
with Lady Gaga doing the Cat Woman scratching-pole-move

Here's another..
Woaaaahh.. Caught in a bad romance..

Before the second set,
we decided to get some beer..

Carlsberg Draught

Playing around with my 50mm prime lens
I'm a sucker for bokeh..

There was a song request for an old classic
Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child of Mine

Now watch the guitarist..

Jimi Hendrix Teeth Guitar
Rock is not Dead

Evil Cultist

I thought it was a butterfly..

And yes.. They are definitely better than...
No I'm still not gonna say it.
You can go back-track all my 16,875 posts on this blog
or my other 14 blogs for an answer
I'm still not saying.
Kumar and Company are really good! Yes.

Kumar invited the birthday babies on stage.
Two of them are educators and one, a nurse.
I've censored their faces for privacy..

A picture speaks a thousand words..
Ok, I've saved myself energy from typing 6,000 words.

Edwin was also invited on stage
to dance with Kumar!

Watch video here:

Total Damage: $300++ for 4 pax

Food Quality: 8/10
Food Presentation: 9/10
Food Portion Size: 10/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Beverage Quality: 9/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Return Factor: 9/10
Recommended for: Gatherings and Birthday Celebrations
Other Comments: It was an entire different experience from our previous visit. The management has done a great job improving failing aspects. We were overwhelmed by the staff refreshing our iced water every 5 min. Bravo!
Lastly, where are our souvenir glasses? O_o?

We all enjoyed ourselves and
had a wonderful night at Hard Rock.
Special thanks and kudos to Mr. Mark Chan, GM HRCS.
We should be bringing Navin here again
coming Monday when he arrives in Singapore.
Will be looking forward to being served by Grace! =)

Edwin unleashed his demons summoning evil spirits around her,
dealing damage to all staff in the area.
Number of spirits is related to the number of souls stored.
Lowers movement speed and damage of nearby units.
The closer the units are the greater the damage.
Cooldown: 120/110/100 seconds. [Requiem of Souls]

This is Edwin's corporate photo.
If your company wishes to employ a Shadow Fiend,
do write in for necessary arrangements.


This review can also be found at
Emailed to GM, HRC


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