Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fried Chicken, Games and Pornography

Birthday present from Candy
Something from my wishlist, finally

Birthday present from Jancy

Second Dinner at
Popeye @ Century Square

The queue was horribly long
despite queueing behind a pretty girl
If you were to ask me to rate fast food fried chicken
here are my priorities:
1. Arnold's
2. Popeye
3. KFC

Popeye chicken has improved throughout the years
Many many years back, when the only outlet was at Changi Airport
The chicken taste horrible and the service is phuck!
Now, the food is good and the service improved tremendously.
You no longer see staff chatting with each other
and they give plenty of eye-contact plus smiles.

Quite standard - 2 Piece Meal for me
Cost $7.40

After that we went to have Yakult/Vitagen
but no free toys

You know why this photo is so blur?
Cos the photographer has shakey hands
for you clubbers who like to consume a lot of alcohol
better stop now if you like photography
It will cause your hands to vibrate unconsciously
I'm serious!

Hmmm.. I may draw a comic of Edwin buying underwear
Pardon me for not drawing lately
Haven been in the best of moods

This is the new BISHI BASHI machine
You know, the one that has 3 buttons
(Red, Blue and Green)
The objective of the game - SMASH n' SMASH!
You see great improvement in gameplay
from Super Bishi Bashi to Hyper Bishi Bashi.
Now you get to skewer food and be zelda.

[M18 Content Below]
If you are below the age of 18, please do not read on..

Anyways I was updating myself with new porn
Found this hilarious Japanese one about
Its more entertaining than watching Phua Chu Kang.
Plot of the story: Business man realise that he turns invisible
when he sneezes and returns back to normal when he coughs
So in Part 1, he went to take the train and pranked the public
by smacking one's head and blaming it on the other
snatching spectacles and newspaper from the commuters etc;
and of cos fucks an OL in the
Dadhyayataka (Churning Curds) position,
with the public watching wide-eyed
as she floats around the train moaning
In Part 2, invisible man visits a bathing mother and daughter
fucks the mother's mouth and does the young daughter.
The stupidest part is when the daughter tries to tell the mum
"Mama.. There's something in my pussy" in distress,
The mother replies,
"Are you alright? You seem to be working hard."

And of course among others, there are ridiculous ones
such as a man going around the park revealing and touching
the breasts of sleeping teenage girls,
and they never seem to wake up even after the assault.
Of course the most popular ones are those home videos
likened to NYP Tammy, many young and pretty ones.
A pity, must be relationship ended sour & bitter.
Fortunate for many, I am forgiving and selfish
else I'll probably be famous now.
Very famous.

Also there's one which I'm dubious about
whether its real or not.
It features a female porn/AV actress
who got blind folded and they got her father to do her.
At the end of it, the director asked if
they could invite her father to film one with her,
she can't do it, even if she were given more money.
Meanwhile, the father watches the TV from another room
and cried.

Some I find quite disturbing
are those hidden cameras, dumb-girl-who-doesn't-notice-camera-is-running
and two-way-mirrors footages.
These collection are filmed discreetly and
you'll be shocked to find very famous names
and not-so-famous models
from inside the changing room to toilet cubicals to sexual scenes.
So, girls BE CAREFUL!
Trust no one, cos I dun wanna find my friend's porn online.

Played a couple of good games today
I think I'm better playing assist heroes
Notice I don't like to kill much,
I prefer to heal and buff team mates
hiding cowardly behind the battle

Meanwhile, some team mates take it for granted
that I will Heal or Grave (short period prevent death) them
ultimately having to sacrfice myself
when they escape leaving no manner to buff myself
Such a selfish little world..


Anonymous said...

Tried Popeye Chicken in the States, I almost died. I wished the chicken pieces is Asian size!

MING said...

that bad ar?
how different is it?