Saturday, December 12, 2009

East View Kick-off (Saturday)

Edwin getting ready for his match
with Myjia

Gatorade is good for health

Quite a lot of funny pictures i took
during the match
Like this one.. How did the ball get behind his head?

The team warms up for the game

Captain allocated positions for the players

The opponent's keeper was good
Small, fast and flexible..

How violent is this game?

Its a GOAL!

TP Boy kicks the ball into the defender's ass..


Yes.. the defender was grabbing his groin
He was substituted out for injuries soon

Edwin tries to knee the defender
in the nether regions

So they took revenge on his other stiker
with their Kung Fu Kick Combo


Sipeh violent
I kid you not..

Another great save by the keeper

Uncle 出马

Super save

Hoof Stomp!

Everyone took a Half-time Break

He's from TP

60 year old player

Another fantastic player, Number 99

Flying Phoenix Kick?

Throw in..

Edwin dribbles in and tries to score

Fast and Furious

The referee whistles to the end of the game

Monster James came to support also

The match ended with a victory of 5-2


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