Saturday, December 12, 2009

December Friday at Cathay

I last took a SBS double-decker
non air-con bus since my secondary school days
thats like a million years ago!

Met Jonapong at PS
to help him deal his EOS 450D

Had my Iced Tall Latte

Jonapong proud owner of his new EOS 450D

Then we went to have Mac

Munch n' Munch

Nuffnang Event
Couple's Retreat
at Cathay

My movie date today is EN DIAN

Nuffnang Boss Ming
gave a closing speech for the year

And there was a surprise
Mike came and proposed to Xiaxue

Made many girls green with envy..

Graced with a kiss

And they lived happily ever after..

After the movie screening, we went to dine at
Aston's Specialties (Cathay)

Diner 1: Edwin Goh

Diner 2: En Dian

Diner 3: KING MING

Diner 4: Lilipong

Diner 5: Jonapong

Grilled Fish with Herbs

Prime Sirloin
I ordered Medium-Rare, came Rare.
I know they are closing soon and its not expensive.
So I din kick a fuss, just asked for an exchange.


Chicken Burger
Pepper Chicken Burger

TOTAL DAMAGE: $51.50 for 5 pax

Food Quality: 7/10
Food Portion Size: 8/10
Food Presentation: 6/10 (plates not wiped)
Value for Money: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Return Factor: 9/10
Other Comments: Value for money, what more can you ask for? Only downside is the long queues.

This review also appears on:
http:// (more tasty reads here!)

Hello! No paparazzi!

Lara Croft?

After that we went to prata..

Our handsome Xiao Bing

Lent Jonapong my
EFS 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

Meanwhile Edwin threw tantrums and left
We can tea and home-sweet-home!

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