Sunday, December 27, 2009


It was boxing day
Was supposed to go Bugis on Boxing Day
but it was raining so heavily
we got stuck in my house playing DotA
Then went to watch AVATAR
holy mother hell good show
go watch it if you haven't!
My ratings - 10 stars, no joke

My sister got a new IKEA cabinet
Pretty neat!

Taxi Art

I love to pass by tunnels
It makes me feel that I'm going through a time machine
Sometimes I also like to imagine the tunnel exploding
with all of us trapped inside.. Morbid

So here we are at THE CAGE
on a Sunday

Soccer balls for the gents and ladies

Anyway I'm here to cover
Edwin's match

You may plug in your (cultist) iPhones
and blast your music for game time

Japanese family at The Cage

5 Rules of The Cage
1. Play Hard, Play to Win, but Play Safe
2. Play Beautiful
3. Divide and Conquer
4. Stay Focussed
5. Enjoy yourself

Sloppy warm-ups before the game

There's a gigantic fan spinning on top
I secretly wish it would drop die
I would have nice gory photos
Else, it'll just have to spin my head right round..


Edwin says, "Eat my penus!"

If this guy were to crash into me
I swear I'm gonna die
Please bury me with my camera
(and lens, and flash gun.. everything)

Kena Lobang

Its nice to shoot them
because they play in style
and more importantly, in smiles
(unlike Edwin who always have a constipated face)

Drunken Fist

Ong Bak
(yes.. Soccer is a violent game
so pussies, stay home and play your FIFA)

Lesson number 1
Always protect your nuts

Endless supplies of real injuries
and mediacorp-style fake injuries

If I were the guy in red,
I would grab his flying kick..
Look at the skillful border-line dribbling
and he also have to dodge the kuku camera man

Lesson 1 Revision
When you see this stance
its time to protect your nuts


The Cage is filled with waves of Manhood Aroma
after the game
However we guys are immune to that kinda smell

Here's a sexy picture of bikini babe, Edwin Goh
Wanna see a nipple slip?

View 280 photos from the game here

Where I used to call home 10 years ago
When live was simple and ignorant
I call that.. PEACE



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