Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bug Juice and Stupid Lao Shi

went to fix my 580EX II at harbour front
with lilipong
they fixed it in less than 5min
said the screw was loose or something =_="
din even take down my particulars
or peep at my warranty card
i feel like an idiot

Treated lili Banana Split
for accompanying me all the way to Vivo
to fix my flash gun and watch me eat lunch

This humongous wasp flew into my room
so i decided to national geographic it

i swear its a monster
its the size of my thumb

i was waiting for it to transform into a robot
like bumblebee or something

look at the backside
steam bo?

ok.. i ran out of words to caption
just enjoy the pics..

bug juice.. anyone?

beyonce.. NOT!
i went to shoot for a new blog shop
stay tuned for details

looks familiar?
yep, she's my schoolmate from CCHSm
my sister's junior in TJC
and if you're from TSS, she may be your teacher
now she's my client

funniest sisters i've ever seen
anyway they're setting up a new blog shop
will post up their link
once its up

i forced her to help me wrap my xmas presents

after that the entrepreneurs gave me a treat
since we over-ran dinner time

the concept is pretty similiar to Pasta de Waraku
but is opened by Sakae Sushi
price wise, its relatively cheaper

the menu is sorted by pasta styles
pretty interesting Japanese styled pastas
that i wanted to try out
the menu is simply too vibrant and appealing
i almost ordered everything

the only downside is they only have 3 pastas to select from
Spaghetti, Fettucini and Penne

they were closing in 30min
so we quickly made our orders

King MING patiently waiting for the food
the restaurant is has good bird's eye view
overseeing the departure hall of terminal 3

diners today - Daphne and Adeline

According to Adeline, this taste better than
Pasta de Waraku
Its cream based, has hints of sweetness
and is not too "gelat"
Adeline gives 8/10

Salmon with Asparagus
cream based
Daphne gives it 8/10

Forgot what its called
but tastes heavenly
chicken seasoned in teriyaki sauce
and has fragrance from sesame and seaweed
i give it 9/10

Total Damage: around $45/- for 3 pax
(Discounts available with Citibank Cards)


Food Quality: 8/10
Food Portion Size: 7/10
Food Presentation: 8/10
Value for Money: 9/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Return Factor: 11/10
Other Comments: Definitely better than Pasta Mania

This review also appears on

it was 11pm when we finished the food
and her mum is arriving at 12mn
so we decided to wait for her

only to find out later that
she mixed up the dates
its actually 12mn the following day..

sipeh ah pong failure!
i pity her students

My SPG Lady Boss
Tell me she look like 包租婆, right?

Back to work on my photos
while Ang Lao Shi helped me wrap the rest of my presents
Better thank her, if not everyone will be getting
newspaper-wrapped presents with lots of UHU-glue

My sister damn cock,
she din recognise Daphne
maybe cos she looked too much like an Ah Soh

Lao Shi said she wanted to help
and learn some photoshop
but end up spent most of the time
changing the music playlist
and making my job more difficult

End up i still have to do it myself
see the Standing Buddha Statue?
Special thanks to Matt Leo
and my dad for fixing its broken legs.

Act only..

Been on intensive photoshop for the past 2 days
if i open my CS4 application again, i may vomit
so i'm not gonna update my comic blog
anyway, its still at -

Have a good day, everyone! =)

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