Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Since its my birthday,
I bought my mum some carnations to thank her
for bringing me to this world.

At night went to meet Jonapong and Edwin Goh
We're going to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner
and since we may have some alcohol, no one drove.

Photo by: Jonapong

I'm quite a "standard" person
I only have the $1.95 cent coke at McDonalds'.
If I feel like drinking more, I'll get two $1.95 cokes
Just like how i always drink TALL Latte at Starbucks.

AH PONG - absolutely

Playing PSP NBA 2K10 in the train
Comment/PM me if you wanna see a review of this game.

Trying to be a scruffy pirate.
Yea.. We're damn bo liao!

Cultists alert!

Orchard Road decoration this year was - BLUE BALLS
Hmmm.. So I guess the theme is Abstinence?

Frosty the snowman

We arrived at Hard Rock Cafe at around 9pm

The cafe has just turned 18
Really? Me too!
Hahahha.. NOT!
I'm 25 years old.
Please keep it a secret..

Jonapong trying to pose like a tourist

The menu was pretty nice
Photographs of food well taken
and a very interesting menu to look at
brilliant words used
Systematic as well.. Beverage, Appetisers, Entres, Desserts, Alcoholic Beverages
and a separate Cocktail/Mocktail menu

It is a vibrant restaurant with live band
People chatting away loudly and happily
I can assure you the bands that performed tonight were fantastic!

Right beside our window was MING ARCADE
Wow.. specially for me!
thanks! thanks!

Strawberry Smoothie
Well I wouldn't call it a smoothie
because my idea of a smoothie has milk and ice-cream in it.
This is just a Cooler/Ice-blended beverage that has
bottled strawberry puree and a dash of whipped cream on it

Wildberry Smoothie (LOGO)
This is a very very interesting drink
it taste of banana, pineapple and berries
Very hawaiian, very tasty, worth every penny!

Potato Skins
This is really tasty
Potatos baked with herbs, spices and cheese
comes with sour cream too!
A must-try!

The band sang a couple of great songs
that got us singing along =)

I was totally absorbed into the music =)

Still absorbed..
20% Lifesteal

Herb Grilled Chicken
I'm not a fan of chicken breast
Tasted it, not very impressed
But shall not be biased
The presentation is pretty awesome
Judging by the grilled markings and the
playing of colours and height and shapes
Oh yes.. the mash potatoes are great!

NZ Pepper Steak
The fries are frozen, the greens are blanched and seasoned just right
Now the steak - Hmmm.. How do I put it nicely?
Requested Medium Rare, but came some what close to Medium
Marination was insufficient
Pepper gravy was not distinct enough
Not my kind of steak

Creole Chicken Sandwich
Well lets just say..
We didn't hear Val saying
"Hey this is really good!"

Trio Combo
Wow.. the portion size is fit for a king
The meats are pretty tender
Glazed with BBQ sauce.
Could be good for 2 to share.


Edwin was trying to give Jonapong
some of this chicken thigh
but it fell into the ice water
It was so funny we had to pose with it.

It looked like you know?
Some weed-smoking bartender slotted a
piece of chicken instead of a lemon slice
on a drink..

I think its gonna taste great!

The wait staff were quick to observe the little accident
with the chicken thigh that fell into our ice water.
Immediately came over, joked with us
and replaced the iced water.

Kudos to Grace, the other female wait staff
who had a trainee following her around all night
and the other wait staff wearing spectacles.
I love the way they were all-smiles
and would engage in small talks with us.
And also the male staff with the funny
who came to ask if everything was alright.

Edwin was messaging his new girlfriend
and smiling sheepishly at himself
I doubt he even notice we were dining with him

Carlsberg (pint)
Good fresh beer from the draft
after the meal

Raspberry Lemonade
Edwin thinks its absolutely delicious
while I commented that it taste like cough medicine.

When I came back from my cigarette break
I was surprised with a birthday cake and a Hot Fudge Sundae
accompanied by the band singing "Happy Birthday!"
Got my polaroid picture taken too..

Thanks for the surprise,
and the dinner! =D

I noticed that a lot of pictures taken with Val
shows only one of us posing for the picture
We have ZERO camaraderie,
maybe thats why we are so "ah pong".

Our very friendly wait staff - Grace
Oohh.. braces are sexaye!

While waiting for Kumar's show
We tried to blind each other with my 580 EX II flash gun
at 199 hertz directly into the eyes without a diffusal

Jonapong posing with my Eneloop batteries

Jonapong doing the accounting
for our bill today.
I think he's just trying to convince me
how good an iPhone is.
I'm still for Microsoft, the battle will go on..

So I decided to blind him again..

TOTAL DAMAGE: $200.70 for 4 pax
Ratings and comments below..

Soon the Kumar show was about to begin
and hell is about to break loose..

A few cross-dresser sisters doing lip-syncing of songs
They're really good compared to..
Ok, lets leave it as it is here.

Almost without a warning
A hord of people came and gathered in front of our table
completely blocking our view of the show

We got an Indian staff to help us get some clearance
so we could better see the show
and we were happy... for a while...

with occasions of fans coming through
to snap a few quick shots of their idol, Kumar

Ok.. forgiven.
Reasonable and not offended at all.

But it did not take long before
another hord of people came and block our way.

This time a bigger group.
Jonapong asked one of them to move a little so that
he can see the show from the little gap between their shoulders,
but they were oblivious to the request.

So, the Indian staff came back
and told us there's nothing he can do about it
I'm sorry but there's no such excuse as - It has always been like this!
You mean the restaurant can afford to lose a table of guest weekly?

However he was tactful, apologized and told us
he would fix up a new table somewhere in front of the stage
before the Kumar's second act
and suggested we could sit on the sofa top for the time being
That is the kind of answer I want to hear.
Good job! (to be continued..)

While all four of us were furious and annoyed,
a tall, lanky and spectacled male staff approached
and said,
"Hey, you either take off your shoe, or don't sit on the sofa!"
No offense, but I think I deserve an apology for the tone.
I've never went to an F&B establishment
and have the staff speak to me in this manner.

Mind you!
I paid to dine here and the money goes to your salary.
Mister, I'm indirectly your boss.

Soon, it was halftime before Kumar's second act.
I went out for a smoke break and returned,
but was stopped at the door by a male staff
who had a piercing on his eye brow, he yelled at me
"Hello? Where's your stamp?"
I replied "Err.. I'm a diner here."
He pointed his index finger at the cashier and ordered,
"Go get your stamp there!"
I said "thanks" and he replied with a nod.

Wow! How rude!
The service here is inconsistent beyond imagination!

Soon.. Kumar's second act started
and we were still stuck at our original seats
blocked by the same hord of people
who don't give half a shite about whether we can see the show,
since they paid their $16/-

Remember the male Indian staff
who promised us a table with a better view?
He disappeared into thin air.
It could be my imagination,
maybe there wasn't an Indian staff for a start..

(Click image to enlarge)
Jonapong's note reads:
"I paid $200 to watch the backs of people who paid $16"

Four of us, utterly disappointed and extremely upset,
decided to leave the restaurant and never to return.

I do not blame the unpleasant experience on the rude staff
or the people who blocked our view.
1. The management should have knew that on Mondays, these fans will come and block out the view of the seated diners. They have not done anything about it, to date!
2. The behaviour of the staff depends on the training provided. Obviously - insufficient.
3. Train your staff to GO THE EXTRA MILE, but do not allow them to make empty promises to customers/guests.

Food Quality: 6.5/10
Food Presentation: 10/10
Food Portion Size: 10/10
Food Value for Money: 7/10
Beverage Quality: 8/10 (Good variety)
Ambience: 6/10
Service: 0/10
Return Factor: ZERO!
Other Comments: Absolutely disappointed!

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I will follow-up on this post if
Hard Rock Cafe were to reply my email.
Un-Happy Birthday to Me!
I'm still extremely pissed off..
If I do not receive a satisfying email within a week
I'm considering writing in to SPH and Stomp!


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