Thursday, December 3, 2009


I love these blue greyish kinda eyes
Maybe its time to buy some coloured lenses

"Touch me..."

He tried to "buah" my leg
but I quickly dodged and teleported.
I'm too fast for you, 小坏蛋!

Another cat taking an afternoon nap..

Anyways, my sister bought some stickers
for us from her holiday in Taiwan
This one here is hers..

And this is mine..
In case you can't read Traditional Chinese, it reads:
"WARNING! God inside, please kneel when knocking the door"

@ Tampines Mall

Starbucks was giving away free coffee today
from 5pm to 7pm
The queue was hell long

The store manager, Sue
countsdown as her baristas prepare themself
for hell break loose

小师妹, Ellein selling ice-cream

Even ah por came to queue for the free coffee

Spotted: HTM Pretty Boy, Jereborne (left)

Noticed the similiarity?
I think the baristas here like to do this "Victory" pose

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Jonapong tried to take a picture of my penis
Here you go!

BALI THAI @ Tampines Mall
After the Christmas event,
4 of us went to Bali Thai for dinner.

Not an impressive menu
with minimal description
However, they pasted a "15-20min" sticker
which I find is quite thoughtful.

Service was at minimal
Staff who served us was a trainee
appeared to be shy.
She told us that Ice Water was not served
but Mineral Water is one-for-one.
Unbelievable! Who eats Thai food without Plain water?
I can accept this only in establishments that do not sell spicy food.
How cheap is iced water?
They are probably trying to upsell their drinks.
Not a good sales strategy.

Val is too tired to even keep her eyes open

Prawn Crackers were served with
what I call - Chicken Rice Chilli
Meaning Chilli with lime and or lemon juice
Free of charge, crackers were crispy
Thumbs up!

We were presented an order chit
with a feedback form
that was already filled up
Please check before you give your customers anything

This taste like F&N Cherry
or Cherry Soda
Comes in a big decanter
so its rather value for money.

The undefeated champion Chendol is still at Thai Express
This one here is lacking in ingredients
and the ice-cream glass used to contain the chendol
I had so much trouble trying to pour the Gula Melaka
onto my Chendol and scooping it
without having anything falling off.

Lemongrass Fried Rice Set
This is a tasty dish
The fried rice is soft and aromatic
Presentation is good, no complaint

Shrimp Paste Rice
This dish is horrible.
Not only is the rice wicked dry,
the shrimp paste taste was at minimal!

Seafood Fried Rice Set
The biggest failure in this restaurant is its inconsistency
I tried all 3 types of fried rice
and it appears to practice discrimination
Visually, why isn't this rice moulded?
And it wasn't as tasty as the Lemongrass Fried Rice?
Were they even from the same Chef/Wok?

Tom Yum Soup (Set)
As much as it doesn't look appealing
(could be due to the warm lighting)
It is very tasty, I love it!
Here's a hint, if you were to serve a soup
like this in a small bowl,
you could leave the shell of the prawns on
and stick it into the bowl such that part of the head
is protruding out of the soup, partially submerged
in a very welcoming manner.
Seems like they've employed a lazy or amateurish chef
cos the restaurant was not busy when we visited.

Tofu Chilli (Set)
Tofu was crispy
Condiments of cucumbers and carrots taste like archa
Not my kind of dish

Total Damage: $49.40 for 3 pax

Food Quality: 6/10 (Inconsistency)
Food Portion Size: 8/10
Food Presentation: 6/10 (Inconsistency)
Beverage Quality: 6.5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Return Factor:
Edwin - 7/10
Valerie - 6/10
Jonapong - 0/10
MING - 6/10
Other Comments: NIL

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Merry Christmas everyone...
Today I'm more moody as yesterday
What's wrong with me?
Can't I have some good food and happiness?

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