Saturday, November 14, 2009

Starbucks @ Peace Haven Charity

Ellein my Starbucks junior
but my TP senior

Ah Pong!
(the one on the right)

Preparing brewed COD
for the charity event

Jump in!

Peace Haven Nursing Home
This is a charity event to raise fund
Its under Salvation Army

The team today

Coffee with the Star Skills

Hot/Iced Coffee
$2 each

Mei Mei likes Starbucks too!

Ah pek also like Starbucks, apparently!

Cos its the best coffee you can get!

Ah Ma also likes Starbucks!
Sipeh ho ar!

Very cute Shelties at the charity event
Donate to have your photos taken with them

Here have some!
No whayyyyyy..

Angelican High (AHS) students at the event
they have a store that sells textbooks
and another game counter

Me with the Tampines Mall Starbucks
Store Manager - Sue

I need caffaine!

Kopi soh!

One person eat 4 ice-creams
No wonder so fat!


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