Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sometimes I Walk for Hours...

The angel that have served my family
for many many years..
Ever since I was a little girl..

My family Christmas tree is up already
Is yours?

Sunsets are always beautiful from my house

Nougats are my Sad Food
They make me sad
I eat them to make myself sad..

Sometimes I walk for hours..

Without a destination..

Sometimes I stay a lil while..

Sometimes I stay a bit longer..

Sometimes I look for traces of memories..

Every now and then I have new discoveries..

Very often, I realise time is slipping away..

There's nothing anyone can do about it..

The reflection on the water
depends on how bright the light source is..

Sometimes I watch people sleep..

Sometimes I have staring wars with cats..

Sometimes I listen to snoring..

Sometimes I think of my NS Days..

Sometimes I dance under the stars..

With the moon as my witness..




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