Saturday, November 21, 2009

Old Town White Coffee and Pool Games

Indubitably Christmas is coming AGAIN
Time stops for no one..
No one at all..

We went to play Battle Gear again
Pwned Edwin's ass with my Toyota Supra

After that went to Big Splash

Today we had
Old Town White Coffee

The menu was simple, nice
and easy to understand
However mine had some scribbling on it
Must be the artwork of some kids

Like traditional Hong Kong styled tea houses
we have to check our orders

Studying the menu

Yes.. Noticed I'm wearing my orange specs
cos the old one got smashed

We did a parody of Izandra
while waiting for our orders to arrive
(click image to enlarge)

Ipoh Hor Fun
The horfun is thin slices
what we locals would call "kuey teow" instead
Its rather smooth and the soup stock is pretty good

Ice Milk Tea

Ice-blended Coffee
Rather thick for an ice-blended coffee
quite satisfying

Dry Curry Noodles
This is something new to me
Its quite tasty
The prawns are fresh
However the portion size is kinda like maggie mee
Yellow noodles doesn't have the fresh water smell

Single Butter Toast
Thin, crispy
Toast was tasty, no complains

French Toast
I've no idea if this was a wrong order or something
It came with egg and PEANUT BUTTER
Not what I expected.. Hmmm.. Weird
And the butter on top has already melted when it arrived

Am I the only one who noticed
Val's face became rounder
after she started hanging out with us
EAT and EAT and EAT and EAT

Food Quality: 9/10
Food Presentation: 7/10
Food Portion: 7/10
Value for Money: 6/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Return Factor: 8/10
Other Remarks: Plates, cups and tables were clean. This aunty staff promised to find us a more spacious table but failed to deliver, until we approached another male staff wearing glasses. He was also polite and helpful. Cashier was playing Facebook and mixed up our bill with another table.

TOTAL DAMAGE: $13/- per pax

Food Review also appears on
1. (Check out more tasty reads!)

Thats my car - INTEGRA TYPE-R... NOT

Parkway Parade's got their Christmas decorations up too
You know they have this fun infra-red thingamagik at their entrance
I used to play with it
You can step on the floor
and the sensor will make the little things move about
Like pool balls, frogs, critters etc

Bumped into Val's friend at Parkway McCafe
He kinda looks Korean, doesn't he?

Edwin keeps checking out the counter girl

I think this shot is quite sexy

Pong Pong-ed

Eat this!

The girl behind out table
keep showing us her cleavage

No whayyyyyy...


Showed Edwin and Val
my very infamous Ah Pong Trick Shot
Remind me to show you
if you were to play pool with me

Rare sight of a cicada in Singapore
Hmmm.. HDB areas i mean
But I have a forest behind my house
so its not surprising
There you go! =d

Have a good weekend, everyone!
And dun get caught in the Cold November Rain..

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