Monday, November 2, 2009

November Updates

I like to watch girls tie their hair
I think its quite cute
I secretly love-hate to be slapped with a pony tail

My tuition kid likes to doodle on his homework
(like when I was young)
His current favourite is drawing Ostrich
he recently learnt in Art Class

Updated Gadget Photo

Caught buying
Lays Salt & Vinegar potato chips

Love Lays Salt and Vinegar too?

Story exclusive at

Hannah, Mica, Judd and Carlos
went to RED BOX
and they web-cam me to show me their singing
So cute, right? =)

Boyz II Men - 4 Seasons Of Lonelines

Watch video here

1 comment:

Hannah said...

haha ming so sweet! but meh.. I sound so bad... hahhaa