Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Movie Marathon - A Christmas Carol Screening + 2012

Met Jonapong for Pepper Lunch at PS
Both of us ordered Beef + Rice [upsized]

Quite coincidentally
his new girlfriend, tiffany,
sat right behind our table

Our main purpose here today
Is to catch the movie screening of
A Christmas Carol

Some of my handsome photos
heh heh...

And of cos
our lovely Nuffnang ladies,
Raine and Elise
They're so cute, right?
More photos later..

I need to drink 2 LARGE cokes
for the long long movie

Nuffnang is Love!
Anyway that Nikon dSLR on the table belongs to Raine
Elaine, if you're reading this
please bug her to send me the photos

原来 Chicken Little likes to eat Nachos

And today we have our favourite blondie
XIAXUE in da house!

A Christmas Carol
MING Rating: 3.5/5
May not be comprehensible for local children.

Then we rushed to Tampines Mall
to catch 2012

Managed to be in time for 10.15pm show
and also wait for Valerie to arrive
We also have time to grab a quick bite.

Bacon Aglio

Basil Chicken Aglio

Tobasco is Love!

Total Damage for 2 pax: $12.25
(After 15% VIP discount)

MING Rating: 4/5
CGI is fantastically awesome
However the main characters were a bit too damn lucky
it appears rather unrealistic
A show that will blow your mind

I'm super duper tired
Good night, readers! =)
And in case you have yet to realise,
my hair is in the trend for ASTRO BOY!
Please compliment me.



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