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Fuurin 18 Nov 2009

Today we visited
Fuurin Japanese Restaurant
for buffet dinner
Its located at
Laguna National Golf and Country Club
Opened to members of the public.

Buffet Dinner is around $45/pax
Parking is available, but not handicapped-friendly.

The ambience is welcoming
and the dining area is clean and well-maintained.
Upon entering, we were greeted with a bright and cheerful
Cold towels and green tea were provided.

Diner 1: Edwin Goh

Diner 2: Edwin Gan

Chef Sam, preparing the Kaminabe
Paper Pot Steamboat

Kaisen Salada
Delicious seafood salad
very fresh greens with sashimi slices and roe
absolutely delicious and appetising!
And there's my favourite friscee and arugula =)

Sashimi Platter
Generous slices of freshly-prepared seafood
Salmon, Salmon Belly (my favourite), Tune, Mackeral, Swordfish
The sashimi is very very fresh
and goes very well with the wasabi and Japanese soya sauce.

Ebi Tempura
The prawns were fresh and the batter used was light and crispy.
Significantly, clean oil was used to deep dry these tempura prawns.

Shake Teriyaki
This is their single serving of Salmon Teriyaki .
Sweet tasting with a hint of Sake sprayed upon grilling.

Kami Nabe
The Paper Pot steamboat used authentic methods of preparation.
Ingredients includes inoki mushrooms, cabbage, oysters, carrots etc
The soup stock is orgasmic!

Wafu Steak
Beef steak with spring onions.
Though this is not Wagyu we are eating, it taste lovely
grilled to perfection and heavenly seasoned.
No complain so far!

Tori Kara Age
These delicious little chicken chunks reminds me
of popcorn chicken from KFC
only fresher, tastier, non-frozen, healthier and
has a lemon slice to light up your tastebuds.

The ladies' favourite
Steamed egg in a cup
with mushrooms, ginko nuts, crab stick

Ebi Fried Maki (top)
Kalifornia Maki (bottom)
These delicious rolls combines the lovely flavors of
Japanese cuisine into delicious and nutritious bite-sizes.
I would give these to my kids all day.
Here's one of the dish that kids will not pick the vegetables out.

Saba Shiokyaki
Grilled with sake as well.
This is a lovely lovely dish
However I find it quite messy to eat
due to the amount of fine fish bones
Thats why I rarely order this when I'm eating
Japanese/Korean cuisine - too "ley-chey"

We ordered another serving of Kaisen Salada
cos its simply too good to resist!

These sweet egg omelettes were prepared
using a wooden mould to create its rectangular form
Taste like pastries

Gyu Niku Tataki
Easily my favourite dish
Cold rare beef cut into thin slices
served with onions, spring onions and teriyaki sauce
STEAM! Could be due to my memories of
my late granny preaparing Hakka Cold Beef
every Lunar New Year.

Agedashi Tofu
Delicate bean curds deep-fried in batter
Tasty, however we should have ordered earlier with the appetisers.
Edwin 1 joked that these tofu must be from Fujiwara Tofu Ten (Initial D).

Wakatori Teriyaki
Teriyaki chicken has never been my favourite dish,
but this was pretty good.
Clean taste on the palette.

"ごちそさま でした!"
Well.. not quite
We have many more to go!

Another serving of
Kalifornia Maki and Ebi Fried Maki

Cha Soba
Cold buckwheat noodles in special sauce
and seaweed. I sure made a lot of noise eating this.
Japanese restaurants are the only places
that appreciates you slurping their noodles.

Another Shake Teriyaki, please!

The friendly wait staff, Ivy
who presented each dishes with much vibrancy.

Chef Sam who came to check
if we enjoyed our meals.
He sure likes to see us young lads have our fills.

Daifuku Mochi (left)
Fruit Platter
These delicious little mochi (glutinous rice cakes with red bean paste)
made us very happy; its not too sticky nor overly sweet.
Surprisingly, all the fruits were ALL sweet.
Hami melon aside, you know how sometimes
honeydew and watermelon can be plain.
The chefs must have checked if its sweet before serving.

One of the chefs, Ah Hon
came to engage us with a conversation too.
We sure attracted a lot of attention
with all these food on our table.

We stayed till the restaurant was closing (10pm).

Finally, the last dish
Orange Skin Ice-cream (top left)
Black Sesame Ice-cream (top right)
Macha Ice-cream (bottom)
Delicous Delicious Delicious
The Orange Skin was so refreshing and fragrant.
The Black Sesame doesn't have the usual charred taste.
Macha was my favourite, its ultra rich and tasty,
not the chalky kind you would expect.
I remembered Mr. Goh Hock Quee / Mr. Daniel Chia asked
"Why is the Dessert the last dish of the meal?"
No one could answer till he said,
"Because everyone wants a sweet ending."
I think all the girls melted and wet the seats.
Yes.. We wet our seats too with this ice-cream.

Special thanks to today's diners
Edwin Goh (left) and Edwin Gan (middle)

Food Quality: 10/10
Food Presentation: 9/10
Value for Money: 7/10
Service: 10/10
Ambience: 10/10
Return Factor: 10/10
Overall Rating: 9.5/10
Recommended for: Everybody who's feeling rich

Edwin Gan felt helpful and helped them wipe the table.
I think there was something extra
in his Black Sesame Ice-cream.

After that, we went to Crooked Stick,
a bar in the establishment
for some drinks and pool games,
to help digest a little.
(As much as the name suggests, no its NOT a gay pub!)

Battle of the Edwins
Champion - Edwin Goh


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