Saturday, November 28, 2009

Approaching 2811...

This cat probably ran away from home
It is a very naughty boy..

I tried to steal a photo of the kitten sleeping,
then it suddenly woke up
and begged me,
"Touch my body.. put me on the floor..
wrestle me around.. play with me some more.."

Seeing its cute little face
I stoke it behind its ears for a bit
then it layed on the floor and sang,
"Touch my body.. throw me on the bed..
I just wanna make you feel.. Like you never did.."

Then I walked away..
It started to follow me and blocked my path.
I did some basketball moves crossover to dodge it

It started to cling onto my leg
as I dragged it along the void deck.
I swear it was enjoying it..
But I had to rush to collect my money,
so I distracted it by pointing at a random direction
and shouted, "OMG! MICKEY MOUSE!"
Yes.. I ran!

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Collected my money at Starbucks
and Val was almost done with work.
So I waited for her, played with PSP NBA 2K10
and enjoyed an
Ice Tall Toffee Nut Latte

She surprised me with an early Christmas gift.
Guess what it is..

In Loving Memories of Edwin Goh Ban Kean..

Went for a smoke before we go get some prata..

Yippeee~~ its a Starbucks Christmas Tumblers
with the special twist cap.
I had a couple of conventional Starbucks tumblers
with the flip top,
but my coffee always spills in my bag.
This is great..
Thank you, Val! =D

This Mr. Teh Tarik is kinda like school canteen style..
You have to collect the food yourself.
Okaay.. First time I see an Indian Muslim Stall that is
1. Self-service
2. Sells cigarettes

MING approaching 2811


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