Monday, November 23, 2009

AFA'09 [DAY 02]

hello ladies and gentlemen
and all the crazy people following my blog
today i'm gonna bring you to tour
AFA'09 Day 2


Today we see more visitors and cosplayers
compared to yesterday

Karmen Rider Kabuto
at the BANDAI Kids Land

Cure Black
I would dress up my daughter to cosfest too
I'm sure she feels pretty

Some interesting stuff
(click images to enlarge)

Kids get to dress up
to have their photos taken with Karmen Rider

I dunno.. but the kid looks pretty intimidated

My sister is a sucker for this

Ahh.. I love Keroro Gunso

I've actually seen this cosplayer at several events
There's a cute kid behind this Digimon

Kenneth's girlfriend, Miku
the one with the blue hair

My Girlfriend

I think its call Miracle Mirai
Later you'll see the Gosiengfiao sisters cosplaying her


Kaname giving a lecture on cosplaying

Visitors trying out anime voice dubbing
at the ANIMAX booth

Pretty cool..
Though they use Windows Movie Maker
You get to be in the studio


This may look familiar to a lot of you
DOTA loading screen, yes?

Cute fluff toy from
Oblivion Island

This sushi maker is pretty cool shite
but i kinda feel experience may differ

Saint Seiya

This booth prints your photos
onto the chocolates
100% edible, they say =)

Autograph session with
Reine Hibiki

Kaname is the sex
I swear he's as charming in person
as he looks in his photographs
Anyways here're the EXCLUSIVE backstage photos

Mio Akiyama
Cute as hell =3

Yui Hirawasa
I like this photo a lot

Monster Hunter toys
so adorable, yes?
The cat and the pig.. Buuuuu..

Hara Juku

This is a very packed booth
You can buy these pillows and bosters
that have your favourite anime characters printed on it
so that they appear in your dreams
(ok.. I made that up)

The DOMO-KUN counter employed some lovely girls

I got some spare time between the performances
so i went to figure out how this card game
(as seen in AFA'09 Day 1 post)
even for an old time Magic: The Gathering player like myself

K-ON! Girls Live! Voice Dubbing
I swear they are the cutest things I've ever seen

I kid you not
I've never seen an episode of K-ON!
And now i'm very motivated to watch the series
These girls melts you diabetically like concentrated toffee

The crowd was overwhelmed by them

I'm the Southern Cross...
Nah. I'm only 18 years old leh.


These are probably 2 of the comics/manga
that i read - One Piece and Fairy Tale

My kid's favourite - BEN 10

Look at Yellow Ranger's boobies!

I belong to the old school type
who likes to put two 20ct coins
to get rubber balls
thats all~~

I can't recall where this came from
but its friggin sweet! =D
Love it!

Many many more Miku(s) coming up..
I swear if Kenneth were here, he'll be overjoyed


Games Convention Asia 2009 Champion

Sanada Yukimura, Shana
Look familiar?
This Sanada Yukimura was Cloud in GCA'09
Prettiest local cosplayer boy i've seen

Weiye told me this is a pretty boy

Death the Kid

Ciel Phantomhive



Soi Fon

Belphegor, Rasiel


Lavi, Kanda Yui

Female Uzumaki Naruto
Sweet as hell~~
She even has some scriptures tattooed on her left wrist
kinda like the one on my left arm

Uchiha Sasuke
Previously seen in GCA'09 as Uchiha Itachi
Love his emotionlessly callous face!

Yes.. Someone who have yet to appeared on my blog
for a very very long time - James
He's back from this Taiwan NS training
but unfortunately, ran into
Jason from Friday the 13

A very cute Misa

Itachi, Kisame
and wow.. kisame got the tone of blue perfect!

RG Veda

Clark, Yashiro and Kyo Kusanagi
from King of Fighters (KOF)

RG Veda

Yui, Azusa

Zero, Sanzo
Yes, we have seen Zero since yesterday
Sanzo is coolio

Setsuna F. Selei

This was what i have been talking about
but no one seems to have seen them before
Love them to bits

Jesus pulls Buddha's long ear lobes

Neil, Kon

Sawada Tsunayoshi
from Hitman Reborn

Kiba, Naruto

Kurosaki Ichigo
This one's got great eyes
kinda freaky.. love it!


OMG! you know what this is?

Sode Mai Shirayuki, Uchiha Sasuke, Yuna

Ten Ten, Zoro
I suppose Zoro was late
cos today the ONE PIECE team wasn't here
funniest thing is, zoro (from the comics), alike luffy
who has zero sense of direction, too always lost his way
and arrived last in a battle

A new Litchi
check out the Blazblue team, coming up..


Pretty impressive
Look at the scale of these wings..

On my way out, I spotted Alodia and Ashley signing autographs
The answer is YES!
And I'll show you..

All the good boys gone bad!
Bebot la~

Helped Weiye seek out Buddha
who was meditating in the waiting area

How can a guy be this handsome?

Weiye finally arrives
to take his picture with the
Saint Young Men

Scene from Episode 1
Where the sleeping Buddha was mistaken for his nirvana form

Weiye asking for Toto numbers

More Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao
You'll see how they cause congestion?

You cannot imagine the number of fans/photographers
swarming around them
wherever they go

Mini Misa

Exia Avalanche

Soi Fon

Ciel Phantomhive

Mio, Yui, Tsumugi

I kinda miss that "character select" guy from GCA'09

Sheryl Nome


She was Tifa at GCA'09


Cloud Strife
from Final Fantasy 7

Indubitably, Christmas is coming..
Anyways I'm gonna collapse if i don't sleep
Thank God i survive this two days~

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Nariko said...

Thank you for the ciel pictures!

saint seiya said...

That’s not really a really huge statement, but it’s all I could come up with after reading this. You know so much about this subject, thanks for sharing. Thank you. Have you seen this anime's merchandise, its pretty amazing! I just bought mine at PIJ, it is so cool!