Sunday, November 22, 2009

AFA'09 [DAY 01]

hello ladies and gentlemen
and all the crazy people following my blog
today i'm gonna bring you to tour
AFA'09 Day 1


I reached at around 12pm
the queue was UNBELIEVABLE!

it will take you approximately 40min
to get to the ticketing counter
want an express queue?
cosplay and get express entry!

this is the ticket
and students get a $3 discount
so you only pay $12 for a one-day entry pass

so whats at AFA'09?
actually strictly speaking
i'm not an otaku
so i'm not really sure
so lets find out together...

karaoke anime theme songs

manga drawing

watching japanese animation

holly molly rolly polly
girls doing gundam models!

tonnes of huge ass domo-kuns

shops that sells cute anime head gears

and this is one of the very popular shops
that sells shinigami zanpakuto (blades) from Bleach

pretty models/promoters

moe moe kyun maid cafe
and no, this has nothing to do with
1. ministry of environment
2. ministry of education
its pronounced - "moh-eh"

yuan yuan and pek wee got into finals
and was one of the teams to represent singapore
(by the way, this is at the back-stage of AFA'09)

representatives from the philippines
alodia and ashley gosiengfiao
they make em good boys go bad
(previously seen here at the Nuffnang Blog Awards)

The Finalists

From Thailand

Witchblade - MEOW!

Special appearances

Indonesian Representative

The hall was so packed its crazy

Bumped into Sihan at the MEDIA pass area

KANAME - Japan's god of cosplay

caps up

and we're ready to deploy mr. gundam

Danny Choo - the genius behind cute little figurines

Indonesian Team

Gosiengfiao Sisters warming up
before cameras, lights, action!

The Winner was the Gundum Team from Singapore
actually i seriously thought
Philippines or Indonesia's gonna bag the win
Oh well.. majulah singapura

Maid Cafe
where you are served by cute maids
before you realise the massive hole in your wallets
check out the menu in the later part of this post..

Sorry I really have very shallow knowledge in anime
I can't name these characters
If you wish to help me..
Do tag them on my facebook album =)

Ermmm.. 花澤 類?
Kuran Kaname

Ok I know.. This is from Naruto
Some akatsuki member, some ninja girl and mmmm..
From reliable sources, they are Itachi, Sai and Sasuke

Kurenai Yuhi, Naruto, Kakashi Hatake and Asuma
from Naruto

Hatsune Miku

Ok.. I hope I'm right..
This should be K-On!
Yui Hirasawa, Ritsu Tainaka, Mio Akiyama, Azusa Nakono, Tsumugi Kotobuki

Cross Yuki

Kiryuu Zero

These are very regular cosplayers

I love this one..
Its JECHT from Final Fantasy X
Sounds familiar? Thats Tidus' old man!

Jason from Friday the Thirteen


I dunno.. some cute stuff

This rocks!
Anyone remember the jail bunnies from Usavich?
Thats Kirenenko and Putin

Soi Fon from Bleach

Death Note
Misa Misa and Yagami Light

Ichigo from Bleach

Another Ichigo from Bleach
you know when you turn out at cosplaying events
there are 6,000 Ichigos and 4,500 Narutos
and also 3,000 Cloud from FF7

Kiryuu Zero


K-On! Popiah


cute stuff Ranka Lee

Naruto versus Sasuke

some soft toy from Bleach?
Jeremy says its Neil

and they come in lesbianic pairs too


Cross Yuki

Allen Walker, Lavi, Cross Yuki, Kanda Yui, Lenalee

Uber cute Putin
with the weird-looking chicken

FRANKIE from One Piece
sexy robot!

Today we only have one Prince of Tennis
Echizen Ryoma

Hitman Reborn Team
Lambo, Hibari, Yamamoto, Sawada, Sasagawa, Hayate and Reborn

Ichigo and Soi Fon
from Bleach

Chrome and Yamamoto Takeshi

I dunno wat this is
but its friggin cool
more coming up soon...

Storm Lion
ok.. whats that?

Jonapong's Cultist Lair

Choji from Naruto

Yuffie and Tifa
lovely right?
i stopped them outside the ladies

Hmmm.. not wrong
Full Metal Alchemist
Edward Eric, Winry Rockbell


I know.. this funny DON guy
appeared in the first few episodes of Bleach
in some TV show as a ghost catcher

Cute century egg seller
Amu Hinamori

Char Mustanga, Edward Eric

D-Gray Man

Hmmm.. blue hair teens?
come on, give me a hint

Azusa, Tsumugi

I love shooting girls doing this pose

a manga/anime that i grew up with (sorta)
i have the manga from episode one to the latest fifty-five
thats the team, without Zoro

Monkey D. Luffy

Love it!

Okaayy.. now i'm not so sure if this is gundam

from Final Fantasy Advent Children


Luffy from One Piece

Mio and Azusa

Sanji and Nami
from One Piece

Kirenenko and Putin

Litchi from Blazblue

Captain America?

Mr. Takahan

Hara Juku perfume! Cute~

Of cos.. How can you not find Sony Weiye at AFA?

Maid Cafe's menu

i can eat the maids alive

Kamen Rider V3

Everyone's so crazy about these Eva coffee now
I wonder if it taste good

And also, Mr. Gundam - Jingxian
How can you miss these people at AFA?

Stay tuned for Day 2! =D


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hello Ming, I posted your pics of Alodia and Ashley over at I got them from Facebook. I hope you don't mind :)

MING said...

ya no worries
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Hello, please do not make remarks about cosplayers if you fail to identify the character they are cosplaying. It is rude and disrespectful to do so. I suggest that you remove all comments about cosplayers in this post. Thank you.

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all flaming and trolling welcomed!

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