Monday, November 30, 2009


Ok.. I know this comic/cartoon is pretty sloppy
Come on, its my birthday! I'm heading out soon.
Here's the story:

My friend got conned by her classmate.
The con-woman claimed that her friend lost her visa and passport
in Hong Kong and needed $120/- urgently to replace her documents.
After lending her the money, the con-woman disappeared.
A police report was lodged, but till today - no news yet!

So people, please be careful.
Crooks don't always look like Scarface.
He/she could look like a sexy/naked/nude
Alodia Gosiengfiao or Megan Fox.

With bad econmy comes greedy people.
So everyone please be cautious,
especially when lending out
your parent's hard-earned money!
Last but not least, also - SEX FIEND
There are too many on the prowl
I can intro you a few if you want to get conned for sex.

Ok, Happy Birthday to me.
Have a good day, everyone!

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Birthday Eve [29-Nov-2009]

Dug up some really old stuff
Some of you may be familiar with these, while others too young to recognise.
1, 4, 5 - Neo Print Cards (very popular when it first came out - VERY EXPENSIVE!)
2 - These are larger prints of Neo Print, the quality was better than original NEO GEO ones
3 - I used to house gatherings at my place
6 - My Student Pass, DO NOT CLICK TO ENLARGE!

Old class photos
I don't know why I have my neighbouring class' as well

1 - Snail Mail letter that Weifen used to write me when we were in Primary School
2 - The coolest pager at that time - Motorola Memo Jazz
3 - Ludo's canine teeth (RIP)
4 - An old ring that I used to wear, it can turn in the middle
5 - My favourite pen, even till today

Yes.. A diskette! I can't even find a drive to read it.
MUFFIN's first album, siyi sent it to me after their release.
148's TPSU flyer
Some of my favourite CDs - Marilyn Manson, Aya Matsuura, Amberhaze

Meow meow meow
Cute cats that gathered at my void deck

My mum hates to see people feeding them
I guess tampines is becoming bedok very soon

James came back from Taiwan
and guess what he bought me..
Goodness.. Contents are rather disturbing.

Met James and Adrian for dinner opposite our place

Ken called me up to go for dinner..

and he came to fetch me with his new car - BENZY
Sipeh 夸张
No, its not his dad's car, its his personal car!
Anyways I've known this bugger since 1990 (pre-school)
We used to play the very first version of POWER RANGERS!

Dinner today is at

Quite a nice comprehensible and simplistic menu
They have a good wine menu as well
Sorted according to countries too

Simplistic table settings
Clean cutleries and a bottle of my favourite Tobasco sauce
Lovely ambience with traditional Italian stone stove

Upon seated, a friendly Pinoy staff came to offer
Iced/Cold water
I'm very pleased with the choice and proactiveness

White Wine (Gls)

Pizza Tutto Fungi
This is simple yet very tasty
Freshly prepared pizza - a la minute
The crust and dough were deliciously chewy
generous servings of cheese and tomato paste
you will not find the need to add parmesan cheese!
as much as the mushrooms were not evenly spread out
they were juicy and tasty

Risotto Rescatore
Seafood were not exactly at its freshest, probably frozen
However the risotto was nicely cooked in tasty tomato base
Lovely flavor with generous servings of seafood
A dish for the spoilt.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio
As much as they used dried pasta spaghetti
it was really delicious
al dente and it has a refreshing flavor
that bursts in your mouth
the olive oil used were of good quality
very fragrant, very italian - love it!

Food Quality: 10/10
Food Presentation: 9/10
Food Portion Size: 10/10
Value for Money: 9/10
Beverage Quality: 9/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Return Factor: 10/10
Other Comments: Price may be a bit steep, however there's nothing I can complain about. Even the toilets are clean. A must-go if you're feeling rich and feel like having Italian cuisine.

Total Damage: $89.45

This review can also be found on
1. (more tasty reads here!)

Next we head on to Starbucks Siglap for coffee

Mixed Berry Panna Cotta

Green Tea Soy Latte

We chilled for a while before heading home
Not wrong I saw Minsi and Xiaowei at Starbucks
but I wasn't sure if its them..

No need to guess,
my drink is damn standard one..

On my way home,
I remembered walking from this place..

.. to this place.
Maybe I've mistaken.
Cos life is afterall, just an illusion.

By: Huey An

By: Cropcircle Chua

goes out to those who wished me Happy Birthday since the strike of 12
candy yeo, valerie lim, amelia sim, sharlene toh, desmond teo,
sookchen, ridhwan wan, shanon zhuang, peihan, jenny lee, amrita bala,
rayna tong, quah jiamin, huang yufei, may fen, melanie loh, kandis tan, gina tay
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, pok peifen, hope aw, louiise fern, celia shana, zhaolin neo,
nathaniel iman, ng keng kee, gladys candypop,
serene venusrin luechai lim hx (longest name ever)
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razinah haniffa, claire ong, andrew lee, lim junsheng, geri lau, celia lim, kimi gin

cai yuting - Happy Birthday to you too!
cat huang - Happy Birthday to you too!
jackson chng - Happy Birthday to you too!
md iskandar - Happy Birthday to you too!
yvnonne ng - Happy Birthday to you too!
Thank you everybody
Sorry I know I missed out a few..

goes out to those who wished me
1. On the 28th November, thinking thats my birthday
2. A Happy 81st Birthdayl; YOU DIE!

Sorry for the late reply
I was in the toilet pang-ing sai and playing NBA 2K10

Played a few DotA games lately
not pro, but not too lousy either..

This one is with James and Adrian

Dreamt of 4 numbers two days ago
and I went to buy 4D
Nope.. Didn't strike, but was a close call on Sunday

Joined some photography contest
with my Lion Dance photo some time ago
Didn't win, but I got 5 votes! =)
Whoever you are, thank you.
Luckily I didn't win also..
What am I gonna do with 2 sets of EOS 500D?

Yep.. comic blog updated
Check it out! =)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Approaching 2811...

This cat probably ran away from home
It is a very naughty boy..

I tried to steal a photo of the kitten sleeping,
then it suddenly woke up
and begged me,
"Touch my body.. put me on the floor..
wrestle me around.. play with me some more.."

Seeing its cute little face
I stoke it behind its ears for a bit
then it layed on the floor and sang,
"Touch my body.. throw me on the bed..
I just wanna make you feel.. Like you never did.."

Then I walked away..
It started to follow me and blocked my path.
I did some basketball moves crossover to dodge it

It started to cling onto my leg
as I dragged it along the void deck.
I swear it was enjoying it..
But I had to rush to collect my money,
so I distracted it by pointing at a random direction
and shouted, "OMG! MICKEY MOUSE!"
Yes.. I ran!

More indubitably senseless comics at

Collected my money at Starbucks
and Val was almost done with work.
So I waited for her, played with PSP NBA 2K10
and enjoyed an
Ice Tall Toffee Nut Latte

She surprised me with an early Christmas gift.
Guess what it is..

In Loving Memories of Edwin Goh Ban Kean..

Went for a smoke before we go get some prata..

Yippeee~~ its a Starbucks Christmas Tumblers
with the special twist cap.
I had a couple of conventional Starbucks tumblers
with the flip top,
but my coffee always spills in my bag.
This is great..
Thank you, Val! =D

This Mr. Teh Tarik is kinda like school canteen style..
You have to collect the food yourself.
Okaay.. First time I see an Indian Muslim Stall that is
1. Self-service
2. Sells cigarettes

MING approaching 2811


Friday, November 27, 2009

MING's Christmas Cards 2009

For this years Christmas 2009,
I have sent out 18 Christmas Cards
to eighteen very special people or household
(as much as I hate Christmas)

As you can see these Christmas cards
when positioned according to their numbers
(How exciting?)

Features in the card?
1. Part of the Hand-painted Christmas Tree
2. A limited-edition shiny sticker
3. A serial number (01-18)
4. An autographed blessing by myself

So what is so special about this year's MING CHRISTMAS CARDS?
Nothing.. Nothing at all!
But just to make the receipients feel a lot more special
Here are a few consolations:

1. Come on! How long has it been since you last received a Christmas Card? Especially a hand-drawn one.
2. You will receive one-hour of good luck after receiving MING's limited-edition Christmas or Chinese/Lunar New Year cards. To activate the lucky charm, you have to hold the card above your head with your arms reached out into the heavens and shout,
"Pili Pali Mutton Curry, Tasty Tasty Dhal Chapati, Motor Boat Motor Boat Lucky Lucky Lucky!"
(You may start practising it now)
and your lucky hour starts from then. Good for punters, one time usage only.
3. This is a Anime Festival Asia (AFA'09) Danny Choo designer post card. Entry to AFA is already SGD15. 赚到!有没有?

How come I don't get a card?
Below are a few reason why you did not receive the card, as much as you feel that you are special enough to be the top 18 people:
1. You have not appeared online for the past few days.
2. I left you a msn/sms message asking for your mailing address and your reply is
- NIL (no reply)
- Why do you need it for? Are you sending me a bomb or pig head?
- (your email address)
- Incomplete mailing address (missing unit number/postal code)
- Hi. Who is this?
3. Alternatively, you may have replied after I collected 18 mailing addresses
4. You live outside Singapore or in campus
5. I see you almost every now and then physically or online, I do not find the reason to send you a card to remind you that I'm still alive
6. You think you are smarter or more handsome than me.
7. You pleasure yourself stepping on snails.
8. You like to kill babies and eat young animals.
9. You wank (masturbate) to Barack Obama and or eat toilet paper for meals.
10. You secretly throw away your vegetables when your mum's not watching.
I hear some people saying "Aww man.. I won't be getting a card already!"

1. Do not show your friends the card to laugh at my ugly painting together. I will know. Cos I am watching you. I will kill you! And it will look like an accident.
2. I have sprayed fixative on the painting for protection of the paint. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT lick the surface of the card or feed it to your dogs or as a tool to add spice to your sex life. I know how weird you people can be.
3. If you have received your MING CHRISTMAS CARD 2009
You may want to tag yourself on the photo of the BIG CHRISTMAS TREE I've uploaded on Facebook. Here's the URL -

So there you go..
Your card should arrive latest 02 December 2009 (Wednesday)!
Have a Merry Christmas! =D