Friday, October 30, 2009

Towards the end of October 2009

the best sunrise at from my window..

ate KFC buddy meal
with my dad
juz wanna spend some time with him

its been so long since i took 23
had a weird feeling
ironic.. i dunno how to describe it
not reminiscence

went to Little India
with a mission =)

35 Kintan Road

Actually I was supposed to collect
my Julie & Julia complimentary passes at Nuffnang
but they were out for lunch
so I went to walk walk at the new City Square Mall

first, i always inspect the toilets
pretty simple
perhaps we're all spoilt by
luxurious toilets from Orchard Ion

this is pretty acceptable
other than the flimsy plastic hooks in the cubicles
could be quite a hassle

anyway some stupid aunty came to me
and asked me to help her redeem some voucher
so i kindly did it for her

$5 gift voucher for spending $50
pretty good deal, yes?

the top floor is kinda like Jurong Point concept
open area Kopitiam
where u can find local delights

goodness.. this!
Ris Low sure hates this building
its full of SHINGZ establishment
(click image to enlarge)

Indian men would gather at this field
during friday and weekends
juz to sit around and chat

sometimes hold hands
(which locals find it disturbing)
and they're in such a huge quantity
its like a sea of Indians

Mathatmat Ghandi memorial
wanted to take a look
but it was closed

at Singapore Nuffnang office
a very shy Raine

Huiwen looks quite refreshed today
happily swinging on her office chair
good sex from the previous night, maybe
while Elaine and Elise were busy typing away

and here's my passes! =D
thank you, nuffnang

found our photo from Singapore Flyers =D

Confucius says,
"Girls can be quite messy,
but often forgiven for their beauty."

ahh.. the tricycles
kinda feels like malacca, yes?

Do you see what I see?

I could almost remember
thats me and sze tat and ken tan there
in our maha bodhi uniform
anyways i knew this guy since 1990
(but i'm still 18 years old hor)

gotta love this..

met up with edwin
to deliver some laptop to sim lim
and we went to have dinner at bugis

bumped into CK-sao, Amily
and also saw some of my CCHSm schoolmates
hui ee, simin and minsi (not sure if i got their names correct)
and an ex-classmate from TP i cannot remember her name

here we are at SEAFOOD HARVEST
2nd floor in Bugis Junction
As my friends entered the dining area first
I was quite surprised there was no host
at the entrance.. bizzare
and it was dinner time

me with the "I KILL YOU" pose

Diner(s) Dash today - Edwin and Izandra

Blue Sky Soda
pretty refreshing, well taste like blueberry soda
hmm... comes with a free cherry

Lime Aloe Vera Juice
beware.. sour as hell

Passion Fruit Soda

Garlic bread was served shortly
after we took our orders
The bread felt like it was prepared from the morning

Our happy diners anticipate the meal
so we decided to find out how long it takes for the meal to arrive..

we all have the same watch!

You may choose the bistro area
for a more enjoyable dining experience
however it should be more for couples
so we took the sofa

Man in black,
"My son will grow up to be ASTRO BOY!"

Chowder Pro
The cream is decently tasty
however the top layer has already coagulated
(as seen in picture), it has probably waited at the pass

Seafood Pasta (Tomato)
The pasta is al dente, no complain
however the seafood..
1. calamari - blanched only, not properly cooked with the gravy
2. prawn - fresh
3. mussels - frozen
the tomato base is very basic
lack hints of basil
so it taste like something i'd cook myself when i'm really busy

Seafood Pasta (Cream)
as above
however, its good that we have a choice

A friendly pinoy wait staff
came to offer us some condiments

The ambience is friendly and inviting
however, pretty unusual that it is rather empty
during dinner timings
However, I have read some bad reviews of this place,
so I came to give it some justice.

The service staff are friendly
However, the supervisor/manager seems a bit too relaxed
to be leaning against the pillar
chatting away with his staff.

Nevertheless, he came to check with us
if the food was alright.

By the way, in case I have yet to mention,
SEAFOOD HARVEST belongs to the same group
In comparison of service, I would rate this place
aboe the two above; bearing in mind that these are franchises.

Total Damage for 3 pax: $53.67
Unbelievably cheap!

General Ratings:
Food Qualty: 7/10 (lack consistency)
Food Portion Size: 9/10
Food Variety: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Ambience: 6/10 (clubbing music is unacceptable in a restaurant)
Return Factor: 6/10 (maybe, maybe..)
Overall Rating: 6.5/10

more food reviews at

after that we went to the arcade to digest

we challenged Initial D Arcade Stage 5
Edwin was the ultimate champion

Guitar Freaks

and some friggin' difficult shooting game

some things never change
i still enjoy playing tennis on my k810i

my naughty tuition kid
trying to scare me
by hiding in the cupboard

I think my handwriting was better
when I was in primary one

It has been 2 years since I had Frolick
at Holland Village
then went to Cold Storage to laugh at frozen Roti Paratha

You should check out the outlet at Tampines One
They employed 2 pretty chicks

OMG! Canon L-lens!

Question One.
His answer was -
Who were you doing in class during PE lessons?
WOW! Kinky!~~~

So I asked him "Who are your relatives?"
He told me "Papa and Mama"

More stories of my cute tuition kid at

Are foreigners unaware that
eating and drinking is not allowed
on our public transports?

Currently, my Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L
has been my walk about lens
A lot of people may ask - 40mm enough meh?
Well.. It is good enough if you dun snipe, i guess

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