Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time after Time..

i saw this at the bus stop
i've no idea who put this here =_=
quite freaky

i think the suicide case in Pasir Ris mrt
could have increased lately
hence they built up these shutters

looks kinda cool, yes?
like from some GUNDAM ROBOT anime

spot the pong

no, its SHINGZ!

i swear i love playing simple dimple games
this game's objective is to flick the thrash
into the waste paper basket

jon gave me an hour long demo on mac
actually i'm quite convinced
cultist voice in background:
"follow me the dark side...."

and it was soon 6.45pm
so i went to meet hui ee
for Asia Pacific Nuffnang Blog Awards

1 comment:

McCoolot said...

You guys really had fun during the event! weeeeeeeeee! \m/ Wish i was there! nyok...