Tuesday, October 27, 2009


my tuition kid wrote his first
90 words essay in his life
he's so proud of himself
i couldn't bear to tell him
about JC 1,500 word essays

anyways this is what he wrote:

Yesterday was Mother's Day.
I gave my mother a surpise.
I cooked an egg.
I held a plate.
My mother's favourite food is egg.
I prepared the food for five hours.
The kitchen was hot and smelly after I cooked.
I cleaned my house with a broom, a dust pan, a mop and a vacuum cleaner.
When my mother came home from work, I gave her some roses.
My mother thanked me for cooking and cleaning up.
She was very happy.
I hugged my mother and wished her a happy Mother's Day.

by the way,
she coloured the girl with a green face
cos he said she's a ghost

and lately i realised he adopted the habit
of saying "你傻的!” (you silly)
which he learnt from me
i'm starting to doubt i'm a good teacher/influence

this is how i always start my day
coffee + cigarettes
facebook - usually cafe world, country story and mafia wars
and i carass my tablet about 20 times
chanting "let me draw some nice comics hor.."

any one of you realise
that sometimes life
takes you on a journey
and later u found out that
its just a round-about
similar things happen all over again
indubitably senseless, yes?

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