Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jonapong 500D Rental


fond memories of omu rice
one christmas

does the colours make you blind?

i'm gonna watch this
i love ASTRO BOY

today's lunch is at
Vivocity #B2-37

At one glance
it doesn't look very appealing
but since we have yet to eat at this food outlet
and it looks pretty empty
we decided to give it a try

The menu selection looks pretty decent
with professionally taken photographs
however they like to use acronyms and their own terms
which is rather confusing
example: braised chicken is actually 油鸡
and what in the world is TCRS?
also they state chicken combo, so what is in the combo?
are they inviting the guest to test their wait staff's product knowledge?
menu design = FAIL

currently they are having Ayam Kalio promotion
and this Soy Pudina beverage
i'm not malay educated
and there was no description
promotional brochure design = FAIL

Soy Pudina
unbelievable menu design
what in the world is $0.48
this is absolutely not psychological pricing
its simply ridiculous pricing to discomfort customers
anyways this beverage is mint with grass jelly
the taste is pretty good
but no bubble tea straw was provided to suck up the grass jelly
such inconvenience is a thumbs-down

Braised Chicken Rice Combo
unbelievable $0.52 appeared again
the chicken was not tender enough
however acceptable
cucumber condiments are extremely bitter
comes with cucumber soup
chicken rice chilli is freshly-made and tasty
chicken rice ginger is also freshly prepared

Steamed Combo

Same problem
chicken is not tender enough
however properly marinated

Beans Sprouts

slightly over-cooked
could be crunchier to the teeth
pepper was assaulted in the middle of the dish
no customer would toss their bean sprouts before they eat
maybe the chef didn't know

Total Damage for 2 pax: $19.40

General Ratings:
Food Quality: 5.5/10
Food Presentation: 7/10
Value for Money/Portion Size: 5/10
Beverage Quality: 7/10
Ambience: 6/10
Service: 9/10 (wait staff has good product knowledge and is polite)
Return Factor: 2/10

More food reviews at http://leongmingen.blogspot.com/

jonapong's idol
the faggoty youtube boy


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