Sunday, October 25, 2009

Asia Pacific Nuffnang Singapore Tour 2009

All photos not post-processed
taken with Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L
enjoy! =D
(yes.. i have no time to caption again)

This is a follow-up event
from Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009
I was assigned to Group B
which is an all-Pinoy group
with Julian as the only Irish-Malaysian
Venues as below:

1. Singapore Royal Selangor Pewter Museum
2. Singapore Flyer
3. Maxwell Food Centre
4. URA Museum
5. Chinatown Heritage Museum

can you spot the number 13
at Conrad Hotel?
its symbolises LUCK

alodia and hannah

at the peak of Singapore

watch video here

this is one of cosplayer's favourite poses

pinoy freak show! O_o

from Nuffnang Malaysia

Nuffnang Singapore
Huiwen (country manager) and Elaine (Proj Co-ord)

Nuffnang Phillipines
Carlos Palma (Media Sales)
Goreng Pisang Uncle

can you identify these 3 places?

i guess PCK is our country's mascot

this is how your boss spies on you
when he claims to be out meeting clients

the australian stop-motion master

Singapore Nuffnang Ladies

Find your surname

they made the toilets look haunted

the prostitute's desk

magazines from my grandmother's generation
FHM - maybe?

traditional fortune telling

elaine trying explain BAO

traditional chinese funeral


i think there are some TCM shops
that still uses these to grind their herbs

i dunno why our tour kept becoming a model photoshoot
here are a two suggestions:
1. famous models and TV personalities on-board
2. too many dSLR users


+1 for cosplay

this mint vintage toy museum is a treasury
their old toy collection costs up to a few millions
so don't throw away your old toys

green hornet
bruce lee!

julian - irish in malaysia

i was one of the dwalves
during a stage play in kindergarten
"hi ho.. hi ho..."

the english gave mickey figurine teeth
to insult the americans during the olden days

felix the cat

remember Darlie toothpaste?
it was originally Darkie

i grew up watching this
Arthur was my idol

Betty Boop

Strawberry Shortcake

Michael Lee's dolls

Pinoy's dolls

Look how ugly the first Barbies were

ermmm.. the first Convent Bear?

I have one of these
but its full of scotch tape
cos my sister and i were rough on our toys
i remembered my construction worker figurines
decapitated all her barbie doll heads
when she was having piano lessons decades ago

matchbox leading the way



kennedy reading a newspaper
with himself on the headlines

no this is not adolf hitler
thats charlie chaplin
you dumb ass

went to have a beer with julian

the photo enthusiasts came to the rooftop
to take a sunset

waiting for the magic light
which never came

not quite magical