Sunday, October 25, 2009

Asia Pacific Nuffnang Farewell 2009

orchard road
maki and hannah went to help a toddler
who kept falling down

jehz happily parading
with the FIRST luggage bag in his life

the disappointed trio
who couldn't find ACTION CITY
in heeren anymore
ok.. my fault - really

(clockwise from bottom left)
ada, hannah, maki, jehz and mica
on their way to the airport

i think i'll be good friends with the coach driver
i like dogs
but i dun like schnauzers too


this pic is damn funny
alodia saw me pointing my camera at her
she posed and dropped her luggage on ashley's foot

would really love to video them
dancing to the chorus of
Wondergirls - Tell Me

everything remains the same
including me, my name is still MING
but there's another Ronald here
in the place of the old Han's

departing to Manila
on SJ 806

they say that Singapore McDonalds'
has big portion size - our regular fries is their small
and in Hong Kong its even smaller

also, Philippines Mac sells
Fried Chicken with rice

its hard to say goodbye
but Nothing last forever
in the cold November rain

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