Thursday, October 1, 2009

500D Orchard Street Photography

ah beng? ah long?

tasteful, yes?

lunch was at
the new japanese restaurant at taka

BBQ Ramen
the soup stock is fantastically spot-on!

Shoulder Loin
crispy, clean deep-fried katsu
chewy to-the-mouth and very tasty
the rice is tasty and fragrant
miso soup is tasty and has a lot of ingredients
very fulfilling meal - best buy!

total damage for 2pax:

general ratings
food quality: 10/10
food portion size: 10/10
food presentation: 10/10
beverage quality: 10/10
service: 10/10
ambience: 8/10
return factor: 11/10
other comments: it is rare to see staff look into your eyes when they say "thank you". kudos! however i find it unsightly that the staff have their lunch, in uniform, in the dining area.

NOTE: all my food reviews will be double-posted


thoughts of the day:
a lot of people want to be models
and a lot of people are models
but how come their shots are not sexy?
cos they dunno how to flirt with the camera
(btw this is also why street photography is not sexy, its not meant to be)
also, there's a reason why i selected these pictures
to appear on my blog
if you can understand each and every one of them
you may be able to read my mind

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