Sunday, September 27, 2009

SUKI the Malamute

hi, my name is suki the malamute
if you think Marley is the worst dog on earth?
you haven't seen me!

as you can see
i'm wearing a BRA
so i'm a girl

MING hates it when i lie on his bed
he will fling me across the room
if he spots me lying on his favourite moo-moo bedsheets
but i'll take the chance

look at my evil eyes
i'm an evil dog

marilyn manson is probably my mother
look! we even have the same eyes

rub my nose
rub my nose

this is my fren - mozaic the spitz

she thinks its funny
to play PERCUSSION FREAK on my head
wait till i bite off his penis

there.. your penis is DEAD and GONE
i swear..

cold war..
i'm not talking to you

and i'm stealing treats from your owner
yummy yummy

and i'm gonna use your water bowl as well

stefanie says "bad girl!"

mozaic the mickey-mouse face

owwwww.. my face
you dumb blonde

mozaic says "hahhahahha... idiots!"

hey you, human
i need a walk.. take me out
take me out

who says you can't bite the hand that feeds you

i love rolling on the dirt
i'm such a pig
oink oink

lets go fishing!!!!

fuck! the weather is too hot
you, human
give me some water
and i'll spare your life

ooh... a dead rat
lemmi take a bite
can i? can i?

i can't swim
but i can walk on water like JESUS
hey shuddup! where's your imagination?

go away!
i dun wan to take a photo

pooping in the nature
thats wat NS-men do, yes?
call me G.I.SUKI

ooh ooh! i found a snake in the bush
lets get it! lets get it!

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