Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Thanks to Nuffnang
I've won 2 tickets to watch G-Force later! =D


Few days ago I received a Facebook Add Request
from someone call - Xiao Hei Hei
Loyal fans of my blog will know that he's from my previous workplace
and the reason why I've banned him is because
he adds girls from my friends list
he now has a new account
Jonapong should know what i'm talking about
anyways, girls (boys also) please be more wary
a lot of ISF around lately

I was studying my room's Feng Shui lately
and i thought it was pretty bad
1. 壁刀煞 - there are 3 buildings with their protruding edge pointing at me
Risk: Car Injuries and Bad Health, Divorce, or even Death (directt), Back Stabbing, target of Gossiping (indirect)
2. 棺材煞 - there are all these little water tanks on top, fortunately not facing my room. However just to be safe i better do some precaution methods
Risk: Male members in family risks Brain or Spinal injuries

Hence, I'm gonna start DEFENDING my ANCIENT!


watching Vasantham Central with KFC is bliss
here ah neh, have a drumstick on me!

drink drank drunk

went to tamp inter with james ong
i went to tampines one 小霸王 to eat the mee suah
and noticed an awesome deal - $3.80 for a student meal
ahem! ok i'm still a student hor!
it includes 1 mee suah and a house drink

james was persistent on not eating 小霸王
but to tah bao from tampines mall 西门 instead
and shit! he was right
our 小霸王 wasn't exactly my kinda tasty
and the drink was hopeless
some kinda intoxicating purple syrup drink

edwin goh arrived shortly after our meal
and we went to thai express
no, this time i did not have my regular Cold Chendol
i picked the Thai Express Red Bean Dessert
labelled BEST SELLER
something different for a change, i thought

Thai Express Red Bean Dessert

Taste: 5/10
not impressed at all; i couldn't taste the bland coconut ice-cream
when i mix it with red bean paste, the paste masks the ice-cream flavor
moreover, the red bean paste was too thick and sticky i find it rather "gelat"
Portion Size: 8/10
Presentation: 5/10
whats with the dessert in the soup bowl?
Value for Money: 8/10
rather filling dessert, i must say
Return Purchase: 0/10
no whay! i'm gonna stick to my good o' chendol next time
moreover, i don't actually see anyone eating this dessert
not convinced at all that its a best seller!

Edwin Goh had:
Thai Express Plain Rice
Thai Express Chicken Wings
Thai Express Tom Yum Fish Soup

Guess who i bumped into again?
The Lagunians celebrating Pei Ying's Birthday
Pei Ying, Sam Chong, Aunty Meilan
Angeline, Dunno-who, Dunno-who (clockwise from bottom left)

my sister bought Prawn Noodle Soup for me
while i was watching Crows Zero at home
how long has it been since she last bought me something
very touched

supper was 排骨王饭
(Pork Ribs King Rice)
from opposite my place

LSO Table 80
任務完了(Japanese: nin mu kan ryou)
Mission Accomplished!

I'm reborned today!

went to Yum Yum Tree
and they got this stupid poster
who's gonna bang their head here?
dumb ass!

by the way readers who came across Straits Times a week ago
and saw under HOME cover page, this picture of a guy
who resembles me is NOT ME!
i kinda got a shock when i saw it too
omg almighty

went for a photoshoot on Saturday with my shifu, Justin Chan
its for some international moving company
we have to snap some photos for their SOP/training manual/website
i've no idea
but yea.. just to learn a thing or two

as the master sets up his laptop
still feeling sleepy

equipments up!

played with his lens during a 5min smoke break
this is taken with a 50mm f1.8 prime lens
one of the lens that i wanna buy to train my skills
the depth of field is pretty good
cost: $130
any sponsors?

shifu justin's camera with kit lens
and sigma flash with his DIY diffusal/reflector

out of 175 photos
only these handful was selected
but it was a good learning experience =D

met ken for lunch at Crystal Jade Kitchen - Tamp Mall
ate some funny assorted ingredients porridge
which turned out pretty good =P
i remember lester used to like to order this

ken ordered noodles with fried fish
drinks was a pot of Chrysanthamum + Pu'er

Then we took bus to Loyang Tua Pek Gong Temple
brought him there to pray for good health

After that cabbed to Sim Lim Square to grab some IT equipment
before he meet his family for Granny's Big Birthday

and my camera got a new look
with its Canon 580 EX II flash
retail price: SGD 899/-
rotates 90° top 180° left/right
speed up to 1/128
how steam? f*cken steam!

to test out my camera
i gave teddy a photoshoot
with clothes on, of course

wicked sick piece of machine
i really need more practice
i love you nong time, 500D!

meanwhile collecting debts from Mr. J F Law

went to Cathay to meet Tangguo for lunch and movies
while i was on the train
i saw this dude who's trying to be freaky
i almost supposed he 卡到阴

he put 2 buns on his head
and make-up like those paper servants
chinese burn for their dead relatives

like these
OMG! why do you have to do that during 7th month?

lunch was at Astons
i haven eaten at Astons for more than a year
due to personal reasons
they're as popular as before
just look at the queue

sulky face tangguo
at the white t-shirt wait staff
such a familiar sight

the table was horribly small
for a fat basterd like me
gimme a bigger table next time, please!
my drink was 7UP

Prime Sirloin with Potato Salad and Onion Rings
fries were sold out
dunno if its coincidence but
its the exact thing my dining companion ate
the last time i visited Astons more than a year ago
Taste: 10/10
ordered medium rare, arrived medium rare
Portion Size: 10/10
Presentation: 8/10
found some loose fine red threading on the plate
probably from the cloth they used to dry their plates
other than that, no complain
Value for Money: 11/10
Return Purchase: 10/10

after that movies at Cathay
Final Destination 4 in 3D
it was an amazing experience
cos i've never watched 3D shows before
din know technology improved so tremendously
the old 3D glasses were a shade of green and red
this one really amplifies the 3D effect
and when objects are flying towards the screen
you can almost feel it projecting towards your face

i find it rather disturbing to have BRUNO
watching me pee
stop staring at my penus, you pervert

after that Ya Kun Coffee
was disappointed
the coffee was rather diluted
with the cashier aunty muching her bread
she's probably taking a break
but i dun deserve bad coffee

was walking around Plaza Singapura
when a lot of memories flew into my mind;
memories of a different life

was watching Incredible Tales with my dad
a couple of nights ago
they were showing this episode where
this guy poked a needle into the banana plant flower
and threatened the pontianak (female malay vampire)
to let him win lottery

when the pontianak appeared
i almost burst into laughter
i have to grab my camera
and share this with my readers

can't read my
can't read my
no you can't read my pontianak
she's gotta love nobody

omg almighty! lady gaga was with TCS!

i love zip-lock bags so much
cos they make me cry

there was a beautiful moth in my room

night shot view out of my window
with 500d on tripod
on ISO800

evening view
from my balcony

chilling out with BALA

my lovely little potted plants =D
they make me happy
when skies are grey

my lovely juniors

legend of hoshi and tsuki

a very dangerous assasin - teddy

before its last breath

my neighbour's kids'
bubble gun

P&P Aunty

went to chill at the basketball court
with Hongkai and AhBian

Life in Tampines
Indubitably Senseless

Fragrant Flowers
Life Span: 2 days

Water Droplets
Life Span: 10 min

Indubitably Senseless Life

was visited by lots of insects
during this rainy season
different shapes and sizes
they come, they rest, they leave
they meet, they mate, they die

indubitably senseless life

CANON PictureStyle: CLEAR

was rather bored
so i went to photoshop
some of my photos taken this batch

hope you have a wonderful september! =D
counting down the days..
of my indubitably senseless life


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