Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nuffnang SURROGATES event

there's a new Roast Poultry stall
opposite my place
been wanting to go eat with james
but he din have the time
so i went to jingxian (mr gundam) instead
no, not the female jingxian (horny face)

The following photos are taken with
50mm f/1.8 II

not bad eh?
the bokeh (faux) quite steam

oh.. i said that?

left with 30min
i grabbed a quick bite at mcdonalds' lido

its always the same old bunch of people

the lovely young ladies from nuffnang
(from left) dunno, raine, elise, dunno

this is the movie of the day

candy brought sabby
while i invited edwin this time round
rather disappointed that he's late AGAIN
to make things worse
he was taking his time with the elevator
but fortunately we managed to get good seats

waiting for the movie to start
yes.. please start
again, the cinema wasn't filled

zombieland seems like a cute show to watch
hope nuffnang is giving away free tickets
*hint hint*

and our show begins..

i think my potrait shooting
has improved quite a lot
must jiayou jiayou more

guess who i bumped into
if jancy is reading this - she's sam bong's sister

any idea if this is from heeren?

we settled our dinner/supper here

the table setting was quite delightful
but the plate doesn't seem properly wiped dry
so it have dust specks

our diners today - edwin, candy and MING

T.B.R. Beef In S.C. (appetisers)
6 dishes were served
complimentary of the bimbimbap we ordered
the lotus is gula melaka is pretty tasty
so is the beansprout, greens and
kimchi, which i felt taste rather authentic
the serving was generous too! =)

Korean Tea
not impressed
perhaps other people may like it
great value since it is refillable
according to the waitress
they made this from fried malt
to me it tasted nothing different
from the residue water from washing rice

Ginseng Tea (cold)
Rather disappointing
It doesn't have a ginseng taste

Hot Noodle Soup
The noodles they used were those
similiar to the vietnamese pho
so it wasn't to my liking
i asked the waitress, pointing to the photo in the menu
and she identified the dish
rather deceiving, i thought it was bee hoon
or yellow noodles
despite that, the dish comes with a generous serving of seafood
and the stock was pretty tasteful

T.B.R. Beef In S.C. (main dish)
yes this dish comes in 2 parts
the main dish arrived shortly
the presentation is beautiful
requested raw beef instead of BBQ-ed
and it tasted heavenly

the waitress offered to stir it
and we gladly obliged
so she began to stir...

.. and stir...

..and stir.. and i began to lose my attention span..

.. and she's still stirring passionately..

... and i think edwin is already praying to Jesus

after 6 minutes, it was finally ready for consumption

Edwin "Thank you, Jesus!"
Jesus "You're welcomed"

after dinner
we were served 4 slices of fresh fruits
watermelon and honeydew

total damage for 2 pax

Food Quality: 8/10
Portion Size: 10/10
Food Presentation: 10/10
Beverage Quality: 5/10
Service: 10/10
Ambience: 9/10
Return Factor: 7/10

love is gone..

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