Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Koksheng 21st Aloha Partay!

yes yes yes
i'm sorry for the late posting
please stop spraying OP^3
(Owe Post Pay Post)
at my corridor
my mum is getting quite annoyed

all photos were taken with
Canon EOS 500d BG-E5 18-55mm 580EX II
but only 2 were post-processed
so please dun come and ask me
"eh why look like compact camera one, sial?"
i will put my silica gel in your mouth

here we are at Koksheng aka Pink Ranger's
21st birthday at Indian Almond Terrace 9
Aloha Loyang

bleeding hell
i read the invitation and it wrote 6.30pm
and here i was chanting "amitabha"
for the dead bird on the roof for 1 hour
its on the left side
please do not leave me comments that read
"MING, can you tag the dead bird?"
yes again! stop asking me to tag stupid things!

meanwhile koksheng turns on his favourite
Backstreet Boys songs while he gets busy for the big partay

the food was an awesome spread! =)

(missing: tatyi, hakim, adrain, guang, farhan, yeeping etc etc etc)

soon, the H10 gang arrived

look at yz (second from left)
she's glowing in the dark

meanwhile the kids were busy playing Heart Attack
while the old farts were watching television

emo_tat 16,
"Ladies, no loitering around the pool!"

from what i observed that night
this seems to be pink ranger's girlfriend
or girlfriend-to-be

the cake cutting is soon to begin..
the crazy ladies were on a stationary pose
in case any camera happen to snap them
look how fast yunru can spot me

correct me if i'm wrong
i think maybelle has been going to the gym
she looks quite muscular that day

kok's fantastically tasty chocolate cake
rather orgasmic
ok i'll give the food reviewing a miss
the limelight should be on koksheng

actually i feel rather guilty
all these photos can actually look very pretty
after post processing
but i'm simply too damn tired
and now i'm on-course
sorry kok, sorry siao char bohs! sorry everyone!

panorama of the cake cutting audience
another 3 din merge right
so i took cropped them off
by the way i din bring a tripod that day

wa-- neh neh gao gao!

Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management

as seen above


kok and his mama

FHM Shoot September
pregnant women please do not imitate kaiwen's poses
he/she is a trained personnel

HTM again..

FBM Shoot September
(FBM means For Blind Magazine)

i post-processed this shot
cos i thought the composition is quite nice

the sipeh old birds
good luck to sarah
who's going for her lasik on tuesday

koksheng, tired out

and the partay was over..

anyways i took some time
to PP this family photo for kok 30min ago
think my ISO blast too high already
but no choice, never bring tripod

ermm.. ya
sorry about these
snails and slugs kinda facinates me
they're like some kinda plasticine, yes?

ok never mind =_="


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