Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gundam Fiesta 2009

lunch today at the vegetarian restaurant near my house
with edwin and tangguo

a very serene spot opposite TPJC

my pick - Olive Fried Rice

edwin's pick - Lemon Chicken Cutlet

tangguo's pick - Hokkien Noodles

after that me and edwin
went to compass point to see the
Gundam Fiesta 2009

photos today will be taken by mr. robot
with Canon EOS 500D with BG-E5
18-55mm lens and 580EXII

i'm personally not a fan of gundam
i know shite about gundam
have never watched a full series of it
but since the event is so huge
i brought my camera and went to take a look

frankly speaking
these robots are very well moulded
they're colourful and beautifully designed

and the event organisers
made the effort to built up platforms
to house the robots
there's even an exhibit on the 180m gundam in japan

creator of MG Model Kits, Katsumi Kawaguchi
or you can call him the Mother of Gundam

a boy happily playing with his new Gundam

they have a few simulated scenarios
where these mini-gundams go to war
in a Three Kingdoms kinda story line

the gundam model kits protector
her job is to tell kids off
when they lay their hands on the models

more colourful robots
robots with big guns
robots with big swords
most robots come with a groin guard
do they even have a penus?

and i caught mr. gundam
smoking viceroy!

the lovely gundam image models
mika and jocelyn

we took a shot with Mr. Gundam Kawaguchi

one of the event part-timers
stole a baby to play with

Event Guideline
tomolo is the last day
so if you wanna catch em
do make a trip down to compass point

more colourful geek toys
they're really impressive
trust me.. very good workmanship

mr gundam always keeps his cigarettes
somewhere easy to reach

this fanboy came in a cosplay costume
seriously i have no idea wat character this is
but i admire his passion
he really enjoys it

more photos of Gundam Image Girls
Mika and Jocelyn

and i have no idea why
edwin keeps wanting to take a picture with the emcee

father-and-son quality time
i wished my dad builds robots with me too
when i was younger

more funky robots
with funky colours

we got the opportunity to snap a few shots
with the gundam image girls
they're rather friendly
and the kids love em

more mika and jocelyn

this one will be in my private collection =D

edwin got his wish fulfilled

another shot of jocelyn
with a more groomed hair

edwin again with his favourite emcee
=_=" seriously.. why?

before the image girls left
i requested for the orange ball
for a snap!

its hollow inside
and looks like a good home transporter for toilet paper
u know like your dad yells at you
from across the living room
"ah boy ar, pass me the toilet paper please"
then u put the toilet paper inside
and roll it across the toilet paper to him
keeps your toilet paper dry
and can help you improve your bowling skills too

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