Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Ho Hum!
I went to Nuffnang's G-Force Premier today
at Orchard Shaw House: Lido
Was early, so i grabbed a beef & cheese at Subway

a lot of people were gathered at the pre-arranged time
but none of the counter ladies were here at 6.15pm
when they finally arrived i realised its just a small screening

nevertheless i got my 2 free tickets
thanks to Nuffnang! =D

the movie was screened at Hall 7
a really small and cozy little cinema

soon the nuffnangers filled up the hall
while the familiar group of friends cam-whored in the front row

please start the show, yes?

ahh.. finally!
no? ok.. lets wait for the previews to finish
btw i think i wanna watch the Night Before Christmas
featuring Jim Carrey as Scrooge
could be really good.

everybody say - G-FORCE!
fantastic movie, really
will be out in all cinemas on 4 Sept 2009 (Friday)

i enjoyed the show thoroughly
except that i was trying to hold my breath throughout the movie
cos there was a smelly tofu B.O. boy
sitting between myself and the air conditioner
and i kept getting whiffs of his odour
other than that - no complaints

just snapping away happily
while having my smoke break

Hell's Kitchen: Season 6 Episode 8
is out now! guess who went home this week?

The strange fact about Carrots and Peas
are that if you leave them in your bowl, they're fine
but when you remove the carrots
the peas rot really really quickly - weird!

Meet me halfway, right at the borderline
thats where I'm gonna wait for you

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